Threats of school shootings could be coming from outside of the country – what?

November 16 – The Federal Bureau of Investigations announced on Monday that the organization believes a recent series of threats and false reports of shooters at high schools and colleges across the US may be coming from outside the country. 

Hundreds of shooting and bomb threats were made to US high schools, some colleges and junior high schools in the late summer. 

A lot of the phone numbers used to make the threats have been traced to foreign countries. Even email addresses have been traced to foreign countries. 

A few years ago, Congressman John Joyce said, “Realize that TikTok is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. I’ve talked about that as being the spy in your pocket. TikTok, which many kids get on these days, Chinese Communist Party watches what’s going on. We have the opportunity to shut those off. We, as parents, have the opportunity to make sure what the kids are watching and not allow them to be part of that. The Chinese Communist Party, their ultimate agenda is to take control of the United States and their ability to capture the intellectual property.” 

Could there be a correlation with these false threats and the booming success of TikTok? 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Some of these social media platforms are incredibly invasive. TikTok, not only are they able to access everything on your device, many times in those terms and conditions you’re giving them full access to your video and microphone at all times. So if you have a nefarious actor working overseas, they’re able to see where you are and where these movements are occurring and they easily could create mischief by placing these calls and emails from a million miles away to your local school building.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “They actually had one of their TikTok challenges was to call in and report these things. So it’s literally allowing people there to egg on young, not fully formed minds, who want their 15 minutes of fame to do something really stupid.” 

In fact, a friend of the radio station has a 12-year-old boy in the family who doesn’t normally talk about politics and he was heard saying the Democrats are going to win this election. 

Jansen said, “She was quite stunned to hear him so confidently say something like that. She said well why? He said I’ve seen it. I’ve seen what Oz does to dogs. He hurt beagles. He hurt puppies. He’s a really cruel, horrible person. Mastriano, he’s mean to women. This is a young man who plays games online and gets these ads pushed to him. Enough of those ads entered his mind for him to confidently say Republicans are mean, cruel people and they don’t deserve to win and they’re not going to win. That’s a problem.” 

To think these ads were reaching children is pretty concerning. 

Jansen continued, “This young man, he wasn’t taught how to think. He was taught what to think. I realize these are political ads, but this is what young people are swamped with constantly, which is why I and other people fight any kind of ideological political teaching in schools because they’re getting enough of this from social media.”