Thousands of people attend the funeral of slain New York City police officer

April 1 – On Friday thousands of people attended the funeral of Jonathan Diller, a New York City police officer who was killed during a traffic stop on March 25. 

This is the first officer killed on duty in the city in two years. 

Diller and his partner were investigating an illegally parked SUV in Queens last Monday when a passenger inside opened fire, striking Diller below his bullet proof vest, according to reports. 

Diller was taken to a nearby hospital, but wasn’t able to be saved. 

He leaves behind a wife and 1-year-old son. 

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman asked on Fox and Friends over the weekend, “How many more police officers have to die? You have to wonder why these left wing politicians choose evil over good? That’s what they’re doing. They’re choosing robbers and murderers over good people.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “He is spot on on those remarks here with what has happened with this police officer, this murder and the lawmakers that continue to be behind and promoting this, this way of their life and putting at risk everybody else’s lives.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “Boy what a turnout for that funeral. They’re saying police officers from as far away as Florida came to that, thousands of people and how sad to see that officer’s one year old son at the funeral. There’s pictures of the sun reaching out when the casket was passing by. People rightfully are angry about this because once again it just feels like we keep seeing this movie time and time again. Yes, there is someone arrested. He’s charged with first degree murder and I think that guy might even be in the hospital himself. But once again, you have these criminal defendants that had criminal backgrounds themselves. The question is how did this person keep slipping through the cracks of the system? Out on parole. Were they out on a no bail situation? There’s where you’re seeing a lot of these police officers and other groups saying to the governor, to the mayor, to the court system, you need to stop this practice of whether it’s zero bail, or easy methods to get out of jail pending your trial because you keep seeing tragedies like this happen.” 

There are many states where police officers can be exposed to civil or criminal lawsuits when performing their duty. 

Barkdoll said, “That’s been a deterrent for a lot of people getting into the police line of work. They don’t want to be exposed to civil liability. It’s another one of these professions. There are massive shortages of people getting into these professions. By the way locally, just driving up and down 11, I was going between Chambersburg and Greencastle. There are billboards up for out of state law enforcement agencies trying to recruit people to come work for them. I saw one for West Virginia. There’s one for Maryland and again, that just tells me that they have a real shortage of people that they’re trying to recruit to fill positions.” 

Ryan suggested, “If that’s the case, if you’re going to hold police officers responsible then you should hold the judges and whoever’s on these parole boards. I saw there was a monster that got out and killed a 12 year old out in the Midwest and a parole board, there were people that were resigning off of the parole board. If you’re going to do that, everybody has to have skin in the game.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “Let’s be honest, this is all the results of equity ideology that has overtaken academia and all these government and all these agencies, this nonsensical idea that you’re somehow going to solve all the racial problems the United States ever had with these idiotic policies that just because they say it changes the statistics of who’s more disproportionately put in jail or held for crimes. It’s not working. When are we going to stop pretending that what we intend is all that matters. What you’ve done to the police is just such an outrageous example. You’ve driven the good, honest, hard working people out of it because some of them were the most targeted or saw the worst of these equity things that happened after incidents such as Michael Brown and George Floyd, both of which were not what they were portrayed to have been and the newest documentary on George Floyd really shows that. So you’ve driven the good people out and then you leave the few that try to hang on, some of the very best that say it’s still my duty and now you’re putting them under such duress, such danger for their lives being lost. Then you throw a ton of money back at the police saying, oh look, we care. We’re going to invest all this money. It’s too late. I don’t care how much money you throw at it, you’re going to get substandard people now because the good ones, it’s just not worth it to them. It’s just a ridiculous situation. When are we going to start admitting these policies do not work?” 

Ryan said, “The people that make the policies need to be held accountable as well here. You want to do this? Fine. You put skin in the game then. If you believe that that much, then you have the DAs out there or the judges, they need to be held responsible, too. Are you going to just put it on the backs of the cops?” 

Barkdoll said, “You mentioned that case to the parole board. That case, they parole that guy, within 24 hours he went and killed a 12 year old and people are resigning over that. It’s a problem all around. Now this guy in New York that they’ve arrested, he is in jail without bail at this point, but he’s also charged with weapons violations. He had guns obviously that were used to kill this officer. That’s being examined too. What’s that all about? How and where did he get those guns? But you look at all the incidents and if you’re a young person looking to get into a line of work as a police officer, naturally you could see someone saying, I don’t know if I want to do this. ” I mean, you keep seeing these incidents, the system is set up in a way that certainly is not the profession it may have been 20 or 30 years ago.”