This week is National Police Week – if you see a police officer, say thank you

May 13 – National Police Week takes place from May 12 to 18 in the United States. 

After years of struggling with recruitment, the issue may be turning a corner since COVID. 

A survey of the Police Executive Research Forum shows departments across the US are reporting an increase in their ranks for the first time in years. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “That’s good news. Now some of that in fairness and not to take anything away from these new recruits, but remember, a lot of states including here in Pennsylvania, they’ve loosened the entry prerequisites to get into those jobs, either from an age standpoint, Pennsylvania dropped the college credit requirements. I don’t mean that in a critical way. That’s a good thing if that’s enhancing the pool of people that are applying. I know in Pennsylvania specifically, there has been a pretty significant spike in applicants to the police academies. That’s a good thing because we know there had been really serious shortages before those reforms were implemented.”

In Hagerstown, the police have drones in the air constantly. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out there’s “a good police presence in the downtown area. I think Paul Kifer continues to do some really important work for Chief Camacho and Sourbier and the people in Greencastle and within the sound of our voice that are in law enforcement, doing a good job.”

Paul Frey, president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, said Chief Kifer is “really smart augmenting the police men and women who are walking downtown, driving downtown with drones, cameras. They have a really good security team, private security team at the ballpark. So the idea is it’s safe to come down. There’s a police presence and we want folks to be comfortable walking downtown, being downtown, after the games, during the games and for all those folks who are working in law enforcement, they go unheralded. They work 24/7 and you don’t worry about them until you need something and so we’d like to say thank you 24/7 whether we need you or not specifically, we know you’re out there working on our behalf.” 

Chambersburg Borough Council President Allen Coffman said, “If you see a police officer, be sure to thank them for their work.”