“This is your one opportunity in 44 years to finally get a governor that’s going to represent you” – Colonel Doug says tomorrow’s election is really important

May 16 – It’s been an interesting few days for State Senator Doug Mastriano in his run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Over the weekend, the Colonel received the official endorsement of former president Donald Trump.

Mastriano got a call from Trump when he was in the middle of an interview.

He said, “The president called and let me know that he’s behind me. He remembers all the work that we did for voting integrity and fighting for Pennsylvania and I’m the only guy who can win it.”

Additionally, the Emerson College poll apparently took the undecided voters and asked which way they were likely to vote tomorrow and Mastriano is up to 34.3% in that poll. Lou Barletta, the next closest candidate, is at 21.6%.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This poll is very consistent with what we’ve been seeing for weeks. This is the only poll that will be out I think before tomorrow.”

Both Jake Corman and Melissa Hart have dropped out of the Republican governor’s race to throw their support behind Lou Barletta.

Mastriano said, “There’s something seriously wrong with somebody’s character if they’re going to align themselves with people that are completely corrupt and we know Jake’s reputation and it’s true. He demonstrated that for all of Pennsylvania to see with voting integrity and what he did to me and my staff, just doing the people’s bidding. You’ve got to judge people more than just how they come across. You have to wonder what kind of transaction happened to convince them to get out. Were they promised a cabinet position? A secretary position? That’s exactly what we don’t need in Pennsylvania – more corrupt, failed politicians. We need to move forward, Pennsylvania. We can’t have people as governor that have so much political debt that you’re going to have nothing but mediocrity.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I noticed how there’s a lot of people that waited until Corman was out before they endorsed, a lot of elected officials. I thought that’s interesting. Where were there endorsements two weeks ago? Three weeks ago? I found that a little suspicious. If I was Lou Barletta, I’d be saying no thank you. No thank you. If you’re trying to align yourself with Trump then you don’t want the person that sort of represents the swamp here in Pennsylvania endorsing you.”

Some media continue to point to Mastriano’s alleged ties to Q-Anon.

Mastriano said, “You guys have got to be responsible journalists and you have to grow up. If you’re going to label Mastriano far right Republican, and by God, I am not far right anything. I’m just a normal American that wants to be left the hell alone and because of these failed politicians we have trying to co-opt the people’s voice like we’re seeing with the establishment in Pennsylvania now. Our country’s about to be lost. The First Amendment has its five freedoms in there. One of them of course is to protect the press to hold those in power accountable. Let’s hold both sides accountable. Let’s not use the talking points of the Democrat National Committee. Let’s not take marching orders from the DNC. If you’re going to accuse people that I go to a conference in Gettysburg as Q-conspirators, which they are not, and I asked for evidence of that but they can’t do that. Some ambiguous post they saw online that they read some article from some kid in the Enquirer. That’s not good enough. I need facts. But, okay, then let’s play it right. Remember Barack Obama was a friend, a close associate and I think a co-teacher as well in Illinois when they convicted domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers, and they were apologists. Oh, they were only sort of friends, but you know, somebody in the audience there they disagree with, suddenly you’re kind of a conspiracy theory advocate. Final thought:  this is an historic moment. It really is. This is the first time since 1978 that the party in Pennsylvania did not influence the outcome of this election. This is the first time in 44 years the people of Pennsylvania can pick their governor without the weight of the establishment coming down in an official capacity. I know it’s being used in some capacity, but generally. I’m thankful for this opportunity for the people to stand up. Tomorrow is a key day. Please get out to vote. We need your vote. This is your one opportunity in 44 years to finally get a governor that’s going to represent you.”