This is what your elected officials are saying about last night’s State of the Union

08 March 2024- President Joe Biden held his third State of the Union to a joint session of Congress in Washington on Thursday night. Much has been said about the demeanor, content, and greater analysis of Biden’s speech. But what are your elected officials, many of which were directly at the address, saying about it? Some of those remarks can be found below.

Congressman John Joyce (R-PA) exclusively on News Talk 1037FM’s First News

“I was there last night. I saw a stumbling, bumbling president give a campaign speech. I saw something full of empty promises and an individual who was not addressing what needs to be addressed. He talked briefly about our open southern border, but he didn’t talk about what President Trump had implemented, the Remain in Mexico, stopping of the catch and release, stopping the crime that continues to pour across our southern border. The stumbling, bumbling individual who was at the center of attention last night did not talk about those from the terrorist watch list who have been captured on our southern border. He did not talk about the fentanyl that continues to come into our country, poisoning our family members, our friends, our neighbors. I saw a campaign speech and as far as campaign speech goes, it wasn’t that great. It was again Biden pandering to those individuals to have that grasp while he has a primetime audience, and by failing to meaningfully address our border security, by failing to meaningfully address the runaway inflation caused by his reckless spending and the rising crime that continues to impact us, President Biden showed that he is unwilling and perhaps unable to lead the United States of America.”

“Unfortunately, after having recently spent time in career and technology schools in Franklin County, in Cambria County, in Blair County, Biden did not mention the pathway where you don’t end up with this huge debt from college, where you end up with jobs with family sustaining wages. He talked about more giveaways, and that’s what the Democrats like to do. They like to buy votes. They like to buy votes by having you and I and all the taxpayers pay for college debt. They like to give away votes by saying sure we’re going to pay for your kid’s tutors. You know how we do that? We have responsible individuals in our community who understand that they want to have input in their students’ education, which is part of the Parents Bill of Rights. They want to have that ability to know the curriculum that’s being taught to their students. They’re not asking for summer school. This was again a meaningless campaign promise in a meaningless campaign speech. What President Biden talked about last night was not an adequate representation of the State of the Union. It was a fantasy that he brought and he showed up late. It was a fantasy that he brought to the House of Representatives, to the Senate, and he presented it on national TV. What he was selling, America’s not buying.”

“There was one other individual that he frequently mentioned, and that was President Donald Trump, my predecessor, where under President Trump, we had energy independence. We did not have these high mortgage rates, which he alluded to last night as well. We did not have the high inflation that has come under Biden and his administration. We did not have an open southern border, but by my count at least four or five times and again, it was difficult at different points to understand what he was saying. I got lost. Sometimes there were sentences without verbs. I was confused by what his points were sometimes. It seemed like he continued to mumble and bumble through a presentation. But there was a lot of Trump envy in his presentation. He sounded to me like he was doing a campaign speech by someone who was 10 to 15 points behind in the campaign. That’s where he is. America is not buying into what Biden was selling. It was an opportunity. It was an unpaid political advertisement for more than an hour and it did not truly reflect what the State of the Union is today.”

More details and statements by Rep Joyce to News Talk 1037FM’s First News can be found here.

Maryland Congressman David Trone (D-MD)

“In three short years, President Biden has delivered for the American people.

“He has expanded the middle class by creating 15 million good-paying jobs. He’s driven down health care costs by capping insulin at $35 per month for seniors and empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma. And, he’s continued to defend our democracy and our fundamental values, including protecting abortion access and working to provide vital aid to our strongest allies.

“Tonight, President Biden will make a clear case that his vision moves America forward and builds a brighter tomorrow for Americans from Bakersfield to Baltimore. 

“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves alongside him to finish the job.”

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)

“As the President declared tonight, the state of the American economy is strong, with record high job creation and record low unemployment. Landmark investments from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act are bolstering our infrastructure, expanding our manufacturing sector, cleaning up abandoned mine lands, and setting our Commonwealth up for the economy of the future. Seniors on Medicare are paying no more than $35 a month for insulin and over the coming months and years, prescription drug prices will continue to be ratcheted down.

“Despite strong economic data, we’ve got more work to do. We need to keep bringing down costs for working families in Pennsylvania and across the Nation, and I’m glad the President shares my concerns about greedflation, shrinkflation, and other ways that big corporations are squeezing hardworking Americans. We need to support our allies in Ukraine and Israel as they take on threats from Putin and Hamas, while ensuring that all innocent civilians caught in the crosshairs of war get the humanitarian aid they need. Finally, we need to secure our border and stop the flow of fentanyl that is ravaging cities and rural areas alike. Solving these problems shouldn’t be partisan, and I call on Congress to work together and take action in the weeks and months to come.”

Maryland Governor Wes Moore

President Biden has laid out a clear vision for the future. Together, we will build on the historic progress this administration has already made by growing the economy, strengthening our democracy, and safeguarding the basic freedoms we cherish. 

That work has already begun. This president has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to uplifting all Marylanders, no matter their background or zip code. He has worked to protect reproductive freedom, create good-paying jobs, make our communities safer, invest in critical infrastructure, fight the climate crisis, lower costs, and support our service members and veterans.

Maryland has a full partner in President Biden and Vice President Harris. We stand united in our work to reach across party lines and come up with lasting solutions that deliver for the people we serve. And together, we are leaving no one behind.

​I have never been more optimistic about the promise of our future. But the future we seek is only possible if we work together. I believe that we must move in partnership if we want to meet this critical moment in our history. The president’s speech tonight reaffirmed my deep belief that we can.