The war in Israel affects everyone – on just about every level

October 31 – Since war broke out in the Middle East earlier this month after a surprise attack at a music festival by Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Israel and the Gaza Strip has been the site of some horrific bloodshed. 

And thanks to technology, the world is watching. 

The death toll is now over 10,000 and rising by the hour, many of which are innocent civilians. 

Gaza continues to launch missiles into Israel at the same time Israeli forces were taking over the northern part of the area. 

Demonstrations in college campuses around the world show support for Palestine. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Something has changed. I can’t quite put a finger on it because we never saw this in prior conflicts between the Palestinians and Israelis. These colleges have a real dilemma because all of this is free speech.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I think about it, my brother converted, and I just tried having a conversation, a thoughtful one, with my nieces, who are Jewish. I said we’ve got plenty of resources here. Here is some training. Here is some information about guns and protecting yourself. It was a polite pass from both of them. My brother is not interested in protection or safety in that measure. That’s his choice. I got it. But you cannot look at stuff and you cannot listen to some of this horse crap that’s happening on these college campuses, where my nieces are graduating from. You can’t have it both ways. You’re going to put these Democrats back in office who are going to continue to do this to the country in places. Not overall. It’s a broad brushstroke here. You can’t bitch and moan about it and you cannot wear it as well, that’s just the way it’s going to go. I had a conversation when that synagogue shooting happened in Pittsburgh. I said well, what are you doing? What’s happening at your synagogue? What are you doing to protect yourself? There wasn’t any further conversation about that. You cannot continue to put people in office and you cannot continue to support a party that wants gun control on one side and then whine about where some of these things are happening on college campuses.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “More than 100 US college campuses staged walkouts, demanding an end to US aid to Israel and their institutions divest from weapons companies allegedly involved with Israel. The hatred is horrifying. To see that students are getting threats and to see their messages follow a Jewish student home and slit their throats.”

“On college campuses in America,” Ryan pointed out. 

“And these are real,” Jansen continued. “We were going nuts over the supposed racism on college campuses and some of that racism on college campuses was attributed to MAGA people or white supremacists who are anti semitic. Huh. Maybe all these anti semitic things that have been happening have been the liberal progressives who are teaching students that Israel is an occupied territory, that they have no right to be there and we have to do everything in our power to get rid of them, get rid of the occupiers the same way they’re told American western culture is evil or bad or something to be done away with because they’re the occupiers of this country who enslaved certain races of people. That’s the same message these students are getting about Israel and the United States. If we don’t get it, if we don’t understand this is a liberal progressive push, that the Democrats are permitting and allowing this kind of education to go on in schools. Wake up. Come on.” 

Ryan noted, “Then you try to then you try to have the conversation. Okay, this is the plate that your parents have purchased. You can’t just sit back.” 

Jansen continued, “You have to understand the arguments for diversity, equity and inclusion are grounded in this same ideology. Okay, fine. You may have a DEI program that you claim doesn’t do this. You can’t. Equity demands this. Equity comes from this ideology. That’s what absolutely slays me. People will not look into where this is coming from, from academia for decades.”

Ryan said, “So Michelle tells me the story of these animals, these Hamas animals. They put a baby in an oven and they made the mother listen to the baby alive, die and scream. Then we hear Shani Louk, the 23 year old kidnapped by Hamas from a music festival found dead. They chopped her head off. God only knows what they did to her. Meanwhile you’ve seen some of the stuff threading through college campuses.”

Barkdoll noted, “There’s nothing illegal about these kids demonstrating in support of Palestine but the problem is there are lines they can cross where it no longer is protected speech. When they’re making explicit threats towards Jewish students. That is clearly a crime. You’re seeing a lot of these college presidents being placed in some really precarious situations related to this and maybe it all boils down to parents, families, you need to vote with your feet. If your kid is in one of these schools, where a lot of these very leftist, progressive demonstrations are happening day after day and look, we want diverse viewpoints on college campuses. That’s where it should happen. But at some point is this crossing a line? Do parents just say look, we’re going elsewhere. We’re going to move our kid, our student, to another university.” 

The demonstrations actually seem to be picking up steam.

Barkdoll said, “I saw all sorts of videos yesterday at college campuses. One was from George Mason in Virginia, which I would say is a fairly conservative school. These pro Palestinian students are tearing down all of the flyers on billboards that were supporting Israelis or tearing down flyers that had photos of people that are missing or that have been kidnapped and taken hostage. It’s really an unfortunate situation we’re seeing unfold all over the country and I’m concerned it’s actually going to get worse because that conflict is nowhere near over. I mean, this could go on for a very long time over there.”

Jansen pointed out, “I’m looking at the New York Post as a picture, a protester holds a sign with the message keep the world clean and shows a trash can with the Star of David in it. That’s promoting genocide. That is absolutely promoting genocide to say Jews are dirty and they’re not worth life. This is what I’m fighting against in my targeted violence group. I feel like we’re spitting in the wind though here when we see this kind of dehumanization of one group of another. I get it. There are Palestinians that probably are controlled by Hamas, but you cannot say that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself after an atrocity similar to atrocities of the Holocaust. I mean, someone likened it, they said, what if 7,000 people here were treated that way? Would we just walk away and say, oh, let’s just have a ceasefire, or would we go after the people who did this to us?”

Ryan suggested, “Then don’t send them to these indoctrination centers of higher education. Don’t send them there and then don’t whine to me, out of my own family, well, I guess this is just the way it is. Isn’t this way? Your parents signed up for this stupid bs and now you’re going down the same path of I guess it’s just the way it’s going to be. Oh, well, too bad for us. That’s the way it goes. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’ve got to make the turn when it comes to protecting yourself. Oh, guns are bad. You know what? Given the opportunity, we saw what happened in Israel where 2 percent of them have guns.”

Jansen said, “There’s a lot of gun control in Israel. They think it’s good for people not to have guns and it’s very hard to get a gun. They make it onerous. Those people could not defend themselves.” 

Ryan continued, “I can’t get it through their heads and I’m done trying, but I don’t want to hear the whining afterwards. Not interested in it.”

Barkdoll said, “Netanyahu made an excellent point in his press conference yesterday. Think about this example. He said if you were an American, right after Pearl Harbor, or right after 9/11, would you have endorsed a ceasefire? Absolutely not. I mean, everyone agreed that we needed to defend ourselves and retaliate and defend what happened in those two events. He was making the same analogy in Israel. That they had this mass terrorist attack, the largest number of Jewish people killed since the Holocaust. They can’t do a ceasefire. They have to respond. He laid that out in great detail about how there are safe zones within Gaza. But Hamas is preventing their own people from getting into those safe zones.”

More than 3,000 children alone have been killed just in Gaza. 

Barkdoll said, “Netanyahu is saying though, that Hamas is making it very difficult, if not impossible, for what I would call the innocent Palestinians to escape. So again, I think that was an interesting example that he gave, by the way he has major internal political turmoil, too. Polling over there is showing his approval ratings are around 20 percent. The vast majority of Israel is blaming him for not preventing those attacks. So he’s really walking a fine line here trying to keep the international community engaged, make sure the US is supportive, but also trying to put out a lot of political fires at home as he and his team navigate what really is a near impossible situation that they’re going to be dealing with for many months to come.”