The United States’ standing internationally is not all that favorable – and it could be a serious issue

July 10 – After Congressman John Joyce spent some time in Ukraine recently with some thoughtful conversations, he’s still not sure the funding the US has provided to the country is being put to good use. 

But Ukraine is just one piece of the international puzzle that’s on shaky ground. 

PA State Senator Doug Mastirano said, “I mean, globally, it’s a catastrophe. We had Putin meeting with Xi out of China in Kazakhstan last week, and they’re putting together a security and economic agreement to oppose the United States. We’re seeing many powerful nations like India, Pakistan, interested in this, including Saudi Arabia, one of our key allies, Turkey, one of the largest members of NATO after us, even Egypt, amongst many other nations. The policies of Joe Biden have pushed our enemies into each other’s arms, and as well as some of our allies in Saudi Arabia, are being attracted to the options economically and militarily and the reliability of these dictators in Russia and China. Ukraine is one example. We’re throwing hundreds of millions of American dollars, well more than any of the NATO nations and the sacrifices so much that we have skyrocketing inflation as a direct result of printing money we don’t have and throwing at it Ukraine with almost no accountability. The longer the war goes on, the less likely it is Ukraine can win. They should have accepted that agreement that was drafted in Minsk and Belarus a couple years ago. But we’re told that the Biden administration pushed back against it. They wanted this war to continue. The longer it goes, the more people are going to be killed, both in Russia and Ukraine, and the likelihood of that expanding beyond a regional conflict is real.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “These developing friends are finding new relationships away from the United States and it was Xi Jinping that met with Russia and Iran, I want to say it was at that table, and Pakistan. When we’ve heard our financial guy go, China will never call the note on the United States, if we continue to have these poor relationships, and China finds new bedfellows and deeper relationships with a series of people in that neck of the woods and the final nail in our coffin, would be them calling the note because they already have relationships started and built up already. That’s a really dangerous view now that China will never call our note, isn’t it?”

Mastriano confirmed, “It sure is. China obviously is self-serving, as most nations are, and if they’re in a corner, they have this alliance tight with Iran, India, Pakistan, many of the former Soviet republics, as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and they were not even talking about the petrodollar. The American dollar is financing the oil business, and Saudi Arabia and other key boosters of the oil business are thinking about getting off the American dollar, which will result in a collapse of our economy. You think things are bad now with inflation, just wait until they pull the rug out. We’re standing on the edge of a precipice here internationally, because Joe Biden, one of his first actions as the commander in chief was that ridiculous, precipitous retreat from Afghanistan and then rolling back in like the Keystone Cops, resulting in 13 of our beautiful military members being killed, tragically and him looking at his watch while they were being returned, in Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, like he didn’t want to be there and trying to comfort the families, he kept on talking about his son, Beau, who, you know, terribly, died of cancer, but not as a result of military action, deflecting and diminishing the sacrifice of these beautiful families. Afghanistan was left with $80 billion of expense of American arms that our allies could use, thrown in the arms of the Taliban, our enemy, which is creeping towards China, and selling these arms to our enemies around the world, to include Iran. The whole thing is a disaster. It’s his failed policies in Europe, vis a vis Ukraine, the weakness he showed towards Taiwan and Xi, if he makes a move, that’s World War III.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “And then right after that coalition was in Kyiv, within the next couple days, they got bombs from Russia. It doesn’t feel like Putin is deterred at all right now, and it’s just scary that we’re all here debating over who’s actually going to be the candidate for presidency on the Democratic side, that all in complete chaos, and we’re seeing, then around the world, these moves and these greater attacks and threats and that possible erosion of the petrodollar, that at least is being talked about. But does anyone have confidence, and do we even have confidence that we’re going to get the news accurately, after all this flip flopping and finding out that, oh well, suddenly they’re recognizing that Biden’s not capable when it’s been obvious almost since his start, and certainly in the last eight months or so.”

Mastriano said, “It’s so chillingly Orwellian. I mean, it took a debate for the establishment network news to realize that he was incompetent and deficient mentally. Are you kidding me? Where have you been for the past two, three years? And this is reflective on the international stage. Putin and Xi, they see this bumbling, dithering, absent minded guy stumbling around, robotically with this little shuffle, that portrays nothing but weakness, and this emboldens our enemies. In the meantime, what’s not really talked about much at the federal level, in the Senate there, not in the Pennsylvania Senate, Washington, DC, they’re talking about expanding the Selective Service, the draft to your daughters.” 

Jansen said, “That’s ridiculous, and it’s just absurd. It’s just yet another signal to the world that we’re not taking our military seriously. We’re not trying to be the strongest, and it has to be a killer machine. It has to be, that’s the whole walk softly, with carrying the big stick. You have to have a military that’s capable. We just keep doing everything that seems to be giving a signal that our military is going to be weak.” 

Ryan pointed out, “They have no respect for women in sports and they have no respect for women overall, why not just continue and put the final nail in the coffin? Take your daughters and your granddaughters and suit them up and put them on the front line.”

Mastriano said, “Hey, Democrats, Democrat moms and grandmas, put aside your blind talking points there that you get from MSNBC every morning, and you’re complicit in part of when your daughters and granddaughters are going to be sent off the war, without a choice, without volunteering for. This is a radical change for the military. Meanwhile, Russia and these other countries, it seems like they’re gearing up for war. China is buying land next to our military bases across the country here. We know of at least 20,000 military aged Chinese illegally coming across the border. When I saw that video two months ago of about 20 of these young men being detained, they were standing, some of them at parade rest. That’s a military stance. No one stands with their arms behind their back like that unless your military trained. Those are all soldiers there, and they’re not here on their own free will. They’re being sent over. This is a real and present danger we have in our country, and we need to get this thing squared away. So put aside these talking points and electability and all the same crap we heard in my 2022 election now vis a vis Trump. We need a leader who’s proven, who’s strong. There were no new wars under his watch here. NATO was paying more money than they ever had under his leadership. We need that kind of leadership here. Even Korea behaved, even he was invited to system across the DMZ in North Korea there. I’m talking about Trump, and that’s the kind of leader we need here to preserve the peace.”