The transgender battle continues in Ohio

January 25 – Ohio has been going back and forth over gender-affirming care for a while now. 

A few months ago, legislators created a law that would ban surgeries for transgender people, as well as hormone therapies. It also restricts mental health care for transgender children under 18. Transgender girls and women would also be banned from girl’s and women’s sports teams in both K-12 and colleges under this new law. 

Governor Mike DeWine initially vetoed the law when it got to his desk. 

But yesterday, the Senate voted to override the veto. 

The law will likely take effect in 90 days, according to Ohio officials. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “They actually listened to their constituents. They listened to the constituents the first time around, but a governor who is deaf, dumb and blind in Ohio did not listen. At issue, hacking off kids’ body parts, children, and putting the foot down in defense of women and girls. Thankfully, these lawmakers listened to their constituents and went full on against the governor. It’s your kid, it’s your kid sister, your daughter, your granddaughter. You’re not going to hand little Suzy and little Johnny a pack of smokes. So why don’t we wait till they’ve matured before we think about hacking off as they call it gender affirming care.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “It’s not just about the surgeries, although they are probably the most shocking and alarming part of this for a lot of people. It’s also about psychology. We are actually abusing children with this notion that gender is fluid. That is an ideology that comes from a radical part of critical theory. That is not sound, tested, seen to be good for children’s psychology. It’s not. Gender fluidity is not something that is actually supported by science. The idea that you are psychologically damaging these children by scaring them. You really are scaring them because one of the earliest things that children understand, you’re taking away the solidity under their feet, is that there’s two sexes, which is reality, scientifically and otherwise, male and female. You take that away from children, you start giving them this notion that people can just decide what they are, you are pulling the rug out from under their feet, you are destabilizing their world. That just to begin with, before you get to anything else is abuse of children.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “This is the legislative process working the way it should work because the Ohio House and Senate, they passed this law months ago, Governor Mike DeWine vetoed it and then what happened yesterday is that the Senate voted to override the veto. The House had already voted to override it, and they had the requisite vote in each chamber to do that.”

Ohio is now the 22nd state in the country that has adopted this kind of legislation. 

Barkdoll said, “That would block access for teenagers to hormone treatment and puberty blockers. They’re the 24th state now to ban men and boys from playing in female and women’s sports. I think more states are going to get on board with this. I mean, public opinion largely supports this idea that you shouldn’t have men participating in women’s sports. You should not be giving teenagers treatment when it comes to hormones and puberty blockers. So I think you’re going to see more states do this.” 

The governor’s veto was quite nuanced. 

Barkdoll said, “He’s a conservative Republican governor, but he said when he vetoed it, he was concerned that the legislation to ban these things did not include psychiatric care and treatment for people under 18 that were asking to undergo these procedures. That was his problem with it. Now in doing this override, it does sound like the House and the Senate may do a companion bill that will provide mental health care for teenagers specifically, that say that they want to go through some kind of hormone or puberty blocking treatment. So in some ways, both sides may come out of this getting what they wanted.” 

Jansen said, “Well, that would be a shame then because the problem with the so-called psychiatric care is that that whole industry has been captured by this ideology. So you’re talking about a bunch of teenagers who hear a lot about this on social media, and parents who are struggling, trying to grasp this, they don’t want to hurt their kids and a lot of activists who now have gotten involved in the psychiatric side of this. So they will not be getting good care if the governor and these legislators get their way on this so-called bill to help children with psychiatric care because psychiatric care is no longer viable helpful when it comes to this. There’s way too many that still go with the whole idea that there’s this gender spectrum, which even for our teenagers is not the truth. So this will be a failure if they don’t go into this farther and start realizing that children are actually being hurt by the psychiatric side of this.”