The supermajority in North Carolina overrides governor’s veto on transgender policies – could this be a turning of the tide?

August 17 – The North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate passed a number of bills recently that would ban gender-affirming care for minors, require parents to be notified if their child wanted to be called by another pronoun in school and mandate that only biological girls could participate in girls’ athletic teams.

By the time the new legislation made it to Governor Roy Cooper’s desk, he vetoed them all.

Well, the Republican super majority in the legislature said no way. The group overrode the governor’s veto and the legislation is now law in the state.

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “The governor puts up a big middle finger and says no, I don’t think so. I think my purse and my deposits from my donors are probably more important, the unions and the lefties and all the rest of it. So they got a supermajority and they went back and they schooled this governor, and it’s a great story. Feel good story of the day.”

Gurnal Scott of Fox News reported, “The override means it is now law in North Carolina for teachers in many cases to tell parents before they can refer to a student by a name or pronoun other than birth gender. The law will also in kindergarten through fourth grade keep teachers from any instruction on sexuality and gender identity. Legal challenges are likely to follow.”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “You know it’s fascinating because North Carolina over the Obama years turned into kind of a purplish state. It wasn’t reliable for us. Now it’s really trending back because they have a supermajority in the legislature to do this. You don’t get to override a veto with 50 plus one. It’s great to see the Republican legislature, obviously, are looking at what the constituents want, because this is the kind of bill it’s hard to believe that the Democratic governor would veto. It’d be one of those things you would think, oh, just let it become law without signing it because the people want it. People are all in on parental rights and protecting kids and this democratic governor showed who he answers to. And it’s not the people of North Carolina.”

Ryan asked, “Why wouldn’t you want to involve the parent? I’m not going to intervene, but I’m going to inform you.”

Kauffman said, “I have heard counts from educators in school districts within our listening area, that have been told the same kind of thing – if a child comes to them and is talking to them about these issues and wants to be referred to opposite pronoun, whatever, that they’re not supposed to be going to the parent on this. So this isn’t one of these far off things that only happens over there. I have heard definitively from teachers that it is around in our region.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The thing that frustrates me about the whole thing, let’s be clear, we’re talking about policies put into place or a law put into place in this case, that says Mom and Dad have to be notified if a child is saying they’re the opposite gender or wants to use other pronouns. Can you think of any other issue that a child would be going into school and suddenly changing their whole identity into something that you wouldn’t be calling the parents? Some kid comes in and I don’t want to eat because I want to be really thin and they notice this person is throwing away their lunch. What if they said, I think I’m too fat? I see myself as too fat and I want to get thinner. You wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call parents and say what’s going on? Is this child being treated for this? When it comes to gender we just pretend like the fact that all human beings are gender fluid and should be able to decide. As a society, we’re actually forcing, by law, Joe Biden, certain governors, certain state legislatures, certain school districts are forcing society to accept the fact that we’re all gender fluid.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “You’re seeing similar dynamics now all over the country and my guess is these questions are likely headed to the US Supreme Court because you’re seeing inconsistent rulings from different appellate level courts around the country on this identical issue. Do you, as parents, have the right to be informed if your middle school, high school, elementary student goes to the school counselor and says hey, I want you to know this is my preferred pronoun or I’m considering undergoing some kind of gender changing or affirming care? Most parents listening to this would say absolutely as a parent I want to know that, but that’s an issue that states have come down differently on.”

Some states have said parents do not have the right to be informed, while others are saying parents must be informed.

Barkdoll said, “These are the classic ingredients to get a case to the US Supreme Court because we really need some guidance at the federal level that would apply to all 50 states on how this needs to be resolved.”

Jansen wondered, “I’m not sure how the state is just so positive they have the right to deny parents this vital information about their child’s mental health and well being. Again it goes to my point that there’s an ideology of gender fluidity because activists have gotten into key positions where they can enforce this. It’s being forced on society. We had a Vivek Ramaswamy presidential candidate, had a video go viral of him talking to a woman who describes herself as pansexual. He very calmly and very astutely, it was great little dialogue, said it’s the tyranny of the minority. We have a small group of people forcing their belief system on all other people and you have to go along with it, even to the point where parents are being denied vital information about their kids. The issue at the heart is we don’t know what trans kids are. They keep saying oh, it’s against trans kids. Yeah, trans kids by definition we don’t have a good consistent definition of who they are.”

A case in Montgomery County Maryland was quite similar to North Carolina.

Barkdoll explained, “They implemented at the county level, Maryland, of course, has county level schools, all of these same programs that North Carolina was doing through the governor there – the preferred pronouns, gender affirming care, not informing parents if the kids went into the counselor and said these things. Three parents filed a court challenge to that saying that this is illegal on all sorts of grounds.”

The court dismissed the parents’ case on a lack of standing – a technical issue.

Barkdoll said, “The court said because these parents did not show that their children specifically were affected by this, they lacked the standing to bring the case. Now this judge and we should say this was a very conservative judge. He was appointed by Trump. He was from South Carolina, a very conservative jurist. He seemed very sympathetic in his opinion, saying that he sees why parents would want to challenge this, but he seemed very reluctant also for the courts to wade into this. He wrote he thinks this ought to be resolved at the ballot box. If voters and parents and citizens in that county were not happy with this, they needed to change the composition of their county commissioners or their school board at the next election. So again, a very different decision than you’ve seen from some other courts in the US.”

Jansen noted, “I’ll tell you where that judge is dead wrong. This is what has to happen. This is a belief system being forced onto other people and children. We have no idea, people say studies show, no studies don’t show anything yet. This is so brand new in terms of kids, massively identifying as something besides their own gender, which has only been really in the last five years here in the United States, but they said 4,000 percent increase. It’s a social contagion. It’s what we call social contagion. They hear it on social media, they’re encouraged to do it. If they’re having other issues and psychological problems, oh, maybe it’s because you’re the wrong gender. No, that’s a ridiculous reason to try to justify whatever other psychological issues you’re having. They’re not getting good psychological or psychiatric care because we’ve all been overtaken by an activist position. I’m so tired of gender affirming care. It’s not. It’s gender changing, medical intervention. It’s going to younger and younger kids and we’re not even considering the potential negative outcomes of this massive obviously social contagion. Yes, there are true gender dysphoric kids. We know that, but it’s a tiny percentage. So to say this has to be solved at the ballot box, how can that be? So what? We’re just going to go back and forth like ping pongs, depending upon the viewpoint of this ideology on who’s elected? No. We need to declare for sure that this is an ideology. Some people may hold that view. This may be very dangerous for kids and we don’t have enough information.”

The dissenting judge in the Maryland case agreed that the issue should not be resolved at the ballot box.

Barkdoll said, “The courts have every right to step in and overturn these things when they see that the school district is acting illegally. But it was a two one decision, the two majority judges seemed really reluctant, and a lot of times when you see a court make a decision based on lack of standing, that’s a signal that they just don’t want to get involved in this. They don’t want to wade into these kinds of cultural war issues. But the case doesn’t necessarily stop here. My guess is three parents will appeal this to the US Supreme Court. We may know this fall if the Supreme Court agrees. There’s a bunch of these cases almost identical all over the country right now. So we may know this fall if SCOTUS agrees to hear this.”

Ryan added, “Parents need to pay attention. These kids are dying for attention. Yank the phone out of their hands. Some of the social media is as addictive as pick the drug du jour out here. You want control of the kid, it’s your child. It’s not the school board. It’s certainly not these activists and the government here, but you’ve got to meet them halfway and yank that phone out of their hands and give them some attention. They’re dying for attention.”

Barkdoll agreed, “There is no doubt a lot of these issues we are discussing go right back to social media, cell phones, the proliferation of all that and all the research backs that up. Every study that’s coming out about the mental health effects on social media confirms the same thing, that it’s addictive. There’s some suggestion that it might even be altering the way that children’s minds work in a negative way. We remember there’s the Facebook whistleblower. I mean, she came out and said that Facebook internally had all sorts of research to prove how dangerous these platforms were for kids. So no doubt that’s contributing to this.”

Jansen said, “I’m really begging parents, try to educate yourself so you know what’s going on with your own child, what they’re hearing, what they may be being influenced by and what the reality is. We have Europeans telling American doctors you are wrong to keep pursuing this as hard as you are in only one direction.”

Ryan said, “But it’s a small group of parents that are shoving it down other parents. I’ve got suburban mommies who want to be the flavor of the week. I want attention, too. So suburban mommies see another mommy and they get that shoved down their face and they’re not being an adult. We’ve got bigger problems.”

Jansen continued, “The other issue is that parents are being lied to by so-called experts. You have even physicians who’ve been taken up by this either because they only listen to one side of so-called research that’s not very good research, or because they’re sort of in the activist camp themselves. Your child is not going to commit suicide if you don’t go full force. I’m saying there are not good studies that show that by not going along with everything your child is saying about themselves, that you’re putting them in greater danger. In fact, they may end up in that kind of danger if you go along with something that’s not authentic for them, but something they’re having a teacher or they’re having social media influencer or friends, pushing them towards.”

Barkdoll said, “Study after study now, teenagers and young adults, they’re not dating as much. They’re also not engaging in drinking alcohol. They’re not getting their driver’s license at 16. They’re not engaged in all sorts of things. I mean, we could go through this whole list of things. That is not good. We know the marriage rate and the birth rate have hit all time lows, year after year, the last few years.”

A number of studies are citing the addiction to social media. It’s actually altering the lifestyles of people.

Barkdoll said, “That’s not good for society. Some of the political scientists are now looking at this issue and they really think that this poses a danger and a threat to our entire system because people aren’t mingling anymore. Even then as these young people are becoming adults, they’re not joining the Lions Club. They’re not going into the bowling league Friday nights and it’s just creating more and more division in the country because these people are not mingling anymore. There’s no discourse. Everyone is now the enemy and of course we see how that’s reflected in the political landscape in today’s country, and it actually seems like it’s getting worse.”

Jansen said, “Please look up No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care. Because parents are being lied to and I worry they’re so concerned, they’re so worried about their kids coming home and suddenly saying they’re the opposite gender, it can be very psychologically upsetting and also then if you move on to the chemical and surgical stuff, you’re talking about permanent changes, you may never be able to come back from.”