The Senate package for the southern border would only allow 5,000 people to cross a day — shouldn’t that number be zero? 

January 30 — The United States Senate has been working on a bill to address the illegal crossings at the southern border and it may be rolled out today. 

All the details have not yet been released, but one point in the bill is that if more than 5,000 people try to cross the border in a day, it will be shut down. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Why don’t they just say zero already? The country is overrun by millions already. I don’t want to hear 5,000. I want the whole damn thing shut down now. Not 5,000, not 50, not five, not 500. Stop it already. You’re destroying whatever’s left of this country.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Well Trump had Remain in Mexico and of course Biden had to get rid of that immediately as soon as getting into office. We know that was one of the most effective ways that we had taken down the numbers coming across. Part of the problem, of course, is that he keeps throwing out the welcome mat and there’s hints that that there’s even language in this that still allows for refugees to come across even at the so called shut down border because they keep mixing up the idea that there are real refugees, of course, but there in such smaller numbers compared to what’s coming across. So they’re going to leave the door open for them, but we know that that system has been completely abused. So there’s no reason for the American people to trust that whatever new parameters are set up or going to be even followed.” 

Ryan suggested, “What we need here is when the military is in trouble or there’s some questions about protocols or there’s been a big accident or something like that, they stand down. We need to stand down at this point because we’re so messed up.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “I also don’t like it that these bills are getting all bundled together with Ukraine aid and Israel aid. I mean, we know there’s a lot of trading that goes on in these situations. But getting back to the 5000 number. It’s very odd to me as well. So in December, there were roughly 10,000 crossings a day. That was an all time record in the month of December. We’re going to get January figures shortly. There’s a lot of speculation that January is going to be 10,000 or more per day. Where did they come up with this 5,000 number? If they max that out every day of the year, that would still be about 1.8 million illegal crossings per year. Now that’s compared to what might be 3.6 million under the current system and that is one of the arguments, even some of these Republican senators are saying we don’t like the deal, but it’s better than nothing. It’s better than what we have. The flip side is why is it 5,000?Why isn’t even a much lower number? 1.8 million a year to me still seems way too much. But yet that seems to be the deal that the Senators are going to make.”

It’s doubtful that the votes are in the House of Representatives to pass this bill. 

Jansen said, “It’s the Overton Window. It’s the classic he went and ginned it all the way up to 10,000 or more and then he’s going to say, oh, look how tough we’re being when we cut that in half. You create the problem. You created this massive amount of humanity crossing this border and now you’re going to say you’re tough on the border because you’re going to cut in half the outrageous numbers you allowed and encouraged to happen. It’s an absolutely ridiculous prospect. How can we buy into it or how come the media buys into it? I think I’m asking a rhetorical question here, but that’s what they’re going to do with this.”

Barkdoll said, “To put it in that context, not long ago, if we had said there are 5,000 crossings a day, so 150,000 people a month, that would have been an outrageous number. There’s no way we can accept that. But the number is so high now at 300 plus thousand a month. Some of these people are trying to sell quote, unquote, the 150 a month is just this vast improvement, but historically, that is still a really big number and those communities, not only in Texas and Arizona, but all over the country now, they can’t absorb it.”

Denver, CO, is now believed to be the biggest location in the country where the illegal immigrants are landing. It’s estimated that almost 50,000 have come to Denver. 

Barkdoll said, “Once again, you have the governor of Colorado and the mayor of Denver, saying we cannot do this. We just don’t have the resources to keep absorbing this amount of people.”

Jansen said, “Let me give an analogy here. We’re having an arsonist who set our house on fire who’s now showing up as the fireman and saying I’ll put out half the fire in your house. What good is that?” 

Congressman John Joyce said, “That’s a great analogy. A house fire is still a house of fire. We all recognize that.”

Barkdoll agreed, “It’s a fair analogy and I still would not rule out this getting passed because in the Senate, you’ve got some very liberal and very conservative Senators saying this is what we need to do. Half a loaf is better than no loaf. Unclear what the House does with this. Speaker Johnson said it’s dead on arrival. I wonder are you going to see another one of these bills get through where it’s a patchwork of a lot of the Democrats and maybe a dozen or two dozen of the Republicans in the House that might push this to the finish line because they’re also touting the fact that there’s aid for Ukraine and Israel in there. Those are two other pieces that a lot of people in the Senate in the House want to see.”

Joyce said, “We cannot tie border security to throwing away additional funds onto Ukraine. I won’t be tied into that. I won’t vote for that. Those have to be separately addressed and you’re not going to bamboozle me with saying we will give you border security if you vote for Ukraine. Americans recognize what Biden and his administration is attempting to do. I’m not going to be fooled.”

Jansen wondered, “Will Republicans in the House hang together though?”

“I think they do,” Joyce said. “I think every conservative needs to hang together. I can’t speak for any other members votes, but those that I sit with, those conservatives like Jim Jordan, those individuals who understand the sovereignty of our country is dependent on a secure border, north and south but particularly what we’re struggling with this porous southern border with the fentanyl, with a human trafficking that continues to come in and impact our lives every day.”

Ryan suggested, “It’s power. Its bank accounts. It’s the Uni-party. That is the enemy right now. The Mitch McConnell handshake between Chuck Schumer, that’s the enemy right now. It’s certainly not between you and me or people on the left or people on the right. It’s the Uni-party that is the monster in the room.”

Later today, the US House Homeland Security Committee will have a vote on the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Joyce said the impeachment would be “for his willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law. These articles of impeachment follow nearly a year long investigation. We’re looking at the causes, the costs and the consequences of the border crisis. As it’s shown in these articles of impeachment, the committee has concluded that Secretary Mayorkas is responsible for the chaos and the devastation that’s unfolded over the past three years at America’s borders. Mayorkas has willfully refused to comply with numerous detention requirements that are spelled out in the law, that are spelled out by the Immigration and Nationality Law. Mayorkas is not enforcing the law, and that is an impeachable offense. Instead, he’s implemented a massive catch and release program where apprehended aliens are released without a mechanism to ensure that they’re going to show up in the courts again. I saw this when I was at Eagle Pass. I’ve seen it on my previous trips to the border. Just yesterday, we all saw the report that a known terrorist who attempted to enter the United States illegally through our wide open southern border was subsequently released into the United States, where he was allowed to roam freely for nearly a year. There’s a number that’s staggering. Since Biden took office, there are more than 350 individuals on the terrorist watch list who have been apprehended. What scares me even more is the got-always. We know that they continue with this surge to be able to come across our southern border. It’s another example of how Joe Biden and his cabinet are unfit to lead and unfit to serve the Mayorkas will be impeached by the House of Representatives. I don’t have the confidence that the Senate will step up and do the right thing. But my constitutional duty, I took that oath, my constitutional duty is to enforce that the president and his cabinet uphold the laws of our nation and Mayorkas is not doing that. I will vote to impeach Mayorkas.”