The proposed 2022 budget for the Borough of Chambersburg will be unveiled tonight

October 25 – Chambersburg Borough Council will get a first look at the proposed 2022 budget tonight in a special meeting of borough council.

Allen Coffman, Councilmember for the First Ward joined First News this morning for a preview of the meeting.

Coffman said, “The borough manager works very diligently on getting this thing prepared. He works probably most of the month of October getting this thing set up, getting the input from his various departments and then rolling it all up into a document which will be presented…to council members tonight. He’s very, very detailed in what he puts out.”

It will also be online on the borough’s website for review.

There will be three total meetings for the budget. The final vote will probably come on December 13.

Coffman said, “I think we’ll see probably 1 mil for the Chambersburg Police Department Station project which is probably going to be almost a two-year project getting that one done. I think we’re going to see a 2 cent per unit increase on the water rate and I think that’ll probably amount to maybe 60 cents a month, again, for the average user. We’re also going to see I think changes in the storm sewer pollution control fee. Right now it’s $5 for every sanitary sewer hookup. It will change now. Homeowners won’t see any difference, but business owners are going to see a difference because it will be based on the equivalent residential unit based on square footage. So business owners are going to see a definite difference with this coming now.”

Jansen said, “I think it’s good that Jeffrey (Stonehill, borough manager) is thorough. We want thorough. We would like to see details and transparency.”

“He is detailed,” Coffman confirmed. “Very much so.”

Ryan said, “I’ll applaud that.”

You can attend the meeting in person at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers in Borough Hall, 100 South Second Street, Chambersburg, and it can also be viewed on Zoom.

For the agenda, click here: