The pro-Palestinian protests on US campuses are thrilling Iran

May 2 – A professor from the University of Tehran is saying the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses in America are important because the support is needed. 

Fox News reported the interview that showed up recently on social media. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Some professor there is pointing to the possible supporters as you see these young skulls full of whatever if there ever was a conflict between US and Iran, they’re pointing at here is a growing group of idiots that would be easily moved by the Iranians.  I’m thinking to myself, well, if there was a conflict between the US and Iran, number one, it would be short. Number two, it would be short. And number three, look at one and two.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “This interview he did is making the news because he’s saying that these protesters are giving Iranians hope that if there wouldn’t be a conflict, Iran would have a lot of support in the US. I think this professor is way out of bounds on this and greatly misreading what the general populace would feel if something like this happened. We continue to see the reporting that a lot of these protests are not as organic as they may otherwise have seemed originally.” 

Apparently there are a lot of paid people in the protest groups on the campuses. 

Barkdoll said, “Campus after campus, hundreds and hundreds of arrests. The local police will then reveal that over half of the people that they’ll arrest on these campuses, were not even students. These were professional protesters, as the NYPD said was happening at Columbia. So I don’t think that these protests are a reflection of a mass sentiment that may necessarily be happening around college campuses in the US.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “This has been an internationally leftist supported event in the United States, just like it was four years ago with BLM. There were a lot of professional activists, again, supported by international leftist organizations. Is the FBI looking at this? Can we please stop with the white supremacists being the biggest threat to peace and stability here in the United States? It’s obviously the international leftist interests and their allies here in the United States in academia. They are corrupting our institutions here. So no wonder this professor might get that impression when we’re not doing anything to stop it and it seems to be growing and where is the FBI looking into this kind of thing? This is what is a threat. Look at it. Stability on campuses going down the tubes, not because of white supremacists, but because of the internationally supported and the leftist infiltrated institutions, and we’re doing nothing, nothing to combat that.”

Barkdoll said, “I was surprised at Columbia a couple nights ago there and again to the administration’s credit at Columbia and she had the support of the mayor apparently too, when the police went in and did that sweep, they completely eliminated the encampment. They everybody out of that building that had taken it over. I was surprised by the post arrest announcements of these professional protesters, as they called them. Some of these people NYPD said they’ve been on the police radar for years in some cases, even decades. These are well known actors that they look for these points of tension and hotspots. They’ll travel around. They’re very skilled and adept then, at assimilating into those crowds and then doing things that would quote unquote, help the crowd further their protest. I didn’t realize this was a thing, but according to the police, there’s this whole kind of under-culture of people that do this, what they say on a professional basis. So it’s very disturbing. I’ll bet it’s an issue that the FBI and police have some difficulty getting their arms around because on one hand, it’s perfectly legal to protest, protected First Amendment rights. But as we’re seeing on these campuses, those protections cross the line when they start to interfere with people going back and forth to classes, when they’re breaking into buildings with hammers and destroying property. Clearly, that is criminal conduct.”

A number of universities have canceled final exams and gone to remote learning for the exams. 

Barkdoll said, “GW, they’re saying they’re actually moving some of their exams to off campus, undisclosed locations for the safety of their students. That is an awful way to operate.”

Jansen suggested, “It sounds like there’s a revolution starting and we’re caving to it. And where’s Biden? Biden’s done nothing about this and he’s terrified. He’s terrified of losing these votes. Sure. Let’s remember Kamala Harris is a professor at Columbia and Barack Obama is a graduate of Columbia. Where are their voices to try to stop all of this? The FBI, they could follow the money, but they either aren’t doing it, refusing to do it or allowing this to happen.” 

Ryan added, “With social media, I love the idea of some of these far right or are they say they’re far right, I have a hard time thinking that these guys aren’t paid actors, the one walking around with the khakis, blue shirts or black shirts and the cover up on their face here. Then you start yanking that mask right off of them. Where is the social media calling out here? We’re very good at that.” 

Jansen asked, “Why don’t we stop masks on campus? No masks at this point because we’re having danger. We’re literally telling you’re underground, you’re not having final exams. It is time to start making some rules like zero masking on campus.” 

Ryan continued, “The other part of the money thing here is parents if you’re smart about this, well you’re not going to be having your education on campus. Well then I don’t have to pay for food service. I certainly don’t have to pay you a room and board here. Oh, I’m not going to get my graduation. Well, you can be sure that this thing is going to snowball. Oh, okay. I guess I don’t have to make any donations to the foundation here. They’ve got a real problem on their hands here in so many ways.” 

Barkdoll noted, “Tuition is very high at all of these places upwards of $70,000 and $80,000 a year. The mask issue I think is quite intriguing because I think a lot of these people, the ones that legitimately are students, they’re doing that to protect themselves from future job prospects, which doesn’t even undermine the whole purpose of what they’re claiming they’re protesting? They don’t want the public to know their identity. But if you look around at these protests, for the most part, they’re wearing masks. Also a lot of females in these groups, hard to discern which ones are students, which ones are part of these outside groups. I said last week when this was happening, I was so suspicious when some of the news media, they were interviewing people at these protests and you would see the people in their 50s and 60s on the record would say, well, I just came down here to join in. I wanted to help these people out and I think that must have been happening to a much larger degree than anyone realized. It does seem like as we’re getting into late this week here, these police roundups have helped quell the situation. Yes, there’s still some stuff going on. But nowhere near to the extent it was when we started the week.”