The president’s visit to the southern border sure seemed like a whole lot of nothing

March 1 – With hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border between Texas and Mexico over the last few years, a whole lot of people have been crying for a fix for a long time. 

President Joe Biden headed to the border yesterday, for the second time since his administration began, and not a whole lot came from it. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I think it was just a nothing burger, as they would say. It was very staged. He did meet with some Border Patrol agents. The stage crafting was such that he did not go into an area where there’s been a lot of disruption or chaos or the tent cities, but he did the photo ops.”

There were no announcements about any executive orders that may come from the visit. 

Barkdoll said, “There was nothing said about that. He answered very limited questions. It struck me as really odd, and this is happening so much with him, that in the photos, he’s holding those cue cards. It’s like he has talking points with him all the time and during this walk around that he did, he would have to refer to this card at times to make certain points. If you look carefully, almost everything he does now, he’s carrying those cards with him. So not much came out of this.”

Border Patrol Agent and the President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, said yesterday in Texas, “The reason why Border Patrol agents are so upset about this visit is because he’s not going to any location where he’s going to be able to evaluate what he needs to do. What are the policies? What are the programs that need to go into place? He’s not going to be able to do that in Brownsville. If he would have gone to San Diego, if he would have gone to Tucson, if he would have come out here to Eagle Pass. If he would have gone to the trouble locations, he would have been able to get a little bit more understanding and evaluate the situation to come up with it. He’s not going to do that. He can’t do that. He’s repeatedly said that he doesn’t have executive authority to control this and if he turned around and he did something today then everybody would recognize that the past three years are all on him.” 

Ryan added, “One of the people out of the Border Patrol also said you just keep our name out of your mouth. They are really punching back, as well they should. They see their brothers and sisters. They see their families and they see what’s happened to America on this occupant’s watch and it was all just because you don’t like Donald Trump and you got a bee in your bonnet and I’m going to pull this all back on day one. Day one is when this started with Joe Biden and the results of it are all over the country now.”

Barkdoll suggested, “The border patrol agents must just be furious over the lack of action here and as that gentleman just said, executive orders could be implemented. Yes, when Trump did it, courts said they were illegal, but yet we know how that goes. It often takes years to get that decision and some of Trumps were deemed illegal. So Biden could figure out a way to do executive orders. The border patrol union, they’re very against Biden. They have endorsed Trump. They’ve also endorsed Congress passing that legislation that has been stalled. If you listen to their interviews, they’re just very frustrated that just month after month this problem is going on. Everyone recognizes that it’s a crisis, but yet nothing is being done about it.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I wonder if he is going to something maybe saving it for the State of the Union, but honestly, for them in any way, shape, or form to use the idea that well, we can’t do those executive orders that Trump did because the courts already said that might be a problem. Really? Mr. I’m going to pay off everybody’s student loans even though the Supreme Court already said you can’t? Really? You can’t do that? It’s just so laughable.”

“Perfect,” Ryan insisted. 

Barkdoll said, “He’s using that excuse that well the court said Trump’s orders were illegal. Well, we know that hasn’t stopped presidents. I mean, they do these executive orders left and right. Sometimes even when they do the executive order, they’ll say this is doubtful that it’s going to be legal, but I’m going to do it anyway. So why is it stopping him now in this case?”