The president of Harvard has a lot more problems coming out since that Congressional hearing

December 22 – Early in December, Congress held hearings on anti-Semitism on college campuses around the country. 

Legislators talked to three presidents of big colleges – Liz McGill, president of the University of Pennsylvania; Claudine Gay, president of Harvard; and Sally Kornbluth, president of MIT. 

The answers the presidents gave in response to calls for death to Jewish people were lackluster, to say the least. 

As a result, McGill has already been fired as president at UPenn. 

Now there are plagiarism allegations coming out against Gay. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Including her dedication in her PhD. This is 11 years, all these things span 11 years worth of very light academic research from someone who’s now the president of what is unquestionably the most prestigious university not only in the United States but around the world. You constantly hear Harvard educated, Harvard educated, even in foreign countries when they want to highlight someone as being the best of the best and it seems like Harvard has just determined to hang on to their DEI equity practices with this woman. They refuse to fire her. Not only that, but she’s also guilty of running people out of Harvard just because they disagree with her on DEI and equity policies. I think one person was eliminated because they wouldn’t say that a man was a woman.”

Reporting has shown another billionaire has pulled donations from Harvard. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I don’t know how long she can survive the heat between the anti Semitism and then the plagiarism on top of that. She checks the box. She is the Karine Jean-Pierre apparently of Harvard.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This plagiarism scandal has been brewing for weeks and it seems to actually keep getting worse because what happened was after that awful testimony before Congress, some people really started to scrutinize her doctoral dissertation. She’s a political scientist by training. That’s what her PhD was in and they initially started to discover big passages of that dissertation that did not have proper attribution. They weren’t properly cited, passages lifted verbatim from other people’s academic work. So at first she kind of played it off. Then I saw earlier in the week, now she’s going back and revising the dissertation to put the proper citations and attributions in it. But of course, a lot of people in the academic and scholarly community are saying that’s not enough. The whole project should now be put into question. So far, she’s had faculty support, but you wonder, at what point is there so much pressure here they can’t keep standing behind her?” 

Ryan added, “Of course the faculty, it’s the doctors of letters who are sourcing other doctors and more doctors of doctors that are supporting her. You’ve got to wonder what else we don’t know about some of those PhDs and then of course the students not paying back their loans now, of course, support her as well here. This whole money grabbing and this whole indoctrination setting of four year and plus degrees, thank goodness the curtain was pulled back on her and UPenn and MIT and don’t think for a hot second here while you’re thinking about college for your little kiddos, it’s not just these handful out there. This is a big huge problem out there and it’s finally coming to light.” 

Barkdoll added, “And just these massive downloads, they have an endowment of over $50 billion. I saw an article that it’s bigger than over 100 countries of the world economies is the Harvard endowment. So the board, they have a legal duty for what’s in the best interest of the university, not the best interest of that president. Money talks in these situations. I think there’s a real chance the board might get reengaged here and push her out.” 

Ryan said, “It couldn’t happen to a better industry, a machine here, than higher education.”