The PA Representative Kevin Boyle show continues to just get stranger and affect the PA House in bizarre ways

May 10 – Kevin Boyle has been a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 2010. 

In recent years, he’s found himself in a little bit of trouble. 

Boyle represents the 172nd district in PA, which includes parts of northeast Philadelphia and Montgomery County, as a Democrat. 

In 2021, Boyle was arrested for harassment and violating the PFA order from his ex-wife, according to reports. 

Earlier this year, Boyle was banned from a bar outside of Philadelphia by the owners after a drunken outburst that was caught on video. 

Boyle had a warrant out for his arrest for violating a restraining order, but the warrant has since been removed. 

However, Boyle has been nowhere to be found. 

Recent news has surfaced, though, that Dennis Owens, a political anchor for ABC 27, has been receiving text messages from Boyle. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “He’s not necessarily allowed on property in Harrisburg, but they are still using Boyle and his vote. The Democrats are going, you know what? He may not be our most favorite guy but we’re going to still use his vote, which is disgusting as it is to begin with. But now Dennis Owens gets some text from the Representative. The story continues to get more and more bizarre.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll agreed, “Bizarre is a good way to put it and this Representative Boyle very much remains in office. He has about six months left to go. The irony of Dennis’s story is if you look at the text communications, Boyle is blaming Larry Krasner (Philadelphia DA) saying that Boyle would have won the election had Krasner not come out and brought these charges the week before the election. The irony of that is remember just earlier in the week, we were talking about these House Republicans. They want the Attorney General to investigate Krasner for what they’re calling election interference. As I said earlier in the week, it made no sense to me, why are the House Republicans interested in this? Because Boyle lost. He’s on the way out. Well, now it sounds like Boyle is on the same page as these House Republicans. He’s saying this was foul. He would have been reelected, but for what Krasner did. It’s very curious. It’s also still not clear where this Boyle is. If you look at the text communications, there’s no information about where is, what are his plans over these next few months? Is there any idea that he might still come back to Harrisburg to finish out the term? Might he resign? It’s just a very bizarre situation.”

To some, the fact that Boyle’s vote is still being counted on the PA House floor is really hard to stomach. 

PA Representative Rich Irvin said, “I feel the rules should be amended to do away with remote voting and if you’re not there in person, then you go on leave. That would really solve all the issues that we’re dealing with right now. As far as the warrant for his arrest that was there and now it’s not there. Isn’t that the usual that comes out of our Philadelphia District Attorney? I don’t blame Representative Boyle for calling on a little bit of election interference there. The warrant comes out right before the election and then it sort of is taken back afterwards. Representative Boyle ultimately did end up losing the primary over that. Not that I’m saying that, Representative Boyle doesn’t have some issues as it is, mental health wise and my thoughts go out to him as far as that goes. But some of the other developments that have developed is Wednesday after session, leader Bradford called a rules committee, and the Democrats are trying to put into our rules of the House an incapacitation committee, made up of a partisan majority five board member, three on the majority, two in the minority, and they would have the ability to actually say whether an individual has the ability for mental fitness to vote remotely or to continue to serve in the House of Representatives. They’re putting this forward to investigate one of their own members. But I feel this is a very dangerous proposal that leadership could use against one of their own members if they do not get on board. We already have constitutional clauses and internal rules that govern how we appropriately deal with members who are no longer fit to serve. I mean, there’s the Ethics Committee, which is a very nonpartisan board. It’s four members of each party, whereas this board is definitely swayed by the majority. So it’s a very slippery slope. I do believe that the Democrats and leader Bradford are trying to take our chamber down.”

Ryan asked, “With this board that they’re floating here, would the Representative be removed and then have a chance to defend or would it be defended and then removed?”

Irvin said, “I did watch the Rules Committee right after I got notified about it happening and the way it looks to me, they could throw an individual out of office without going through the constitutional procedures.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “There’s so many issues with all of this, all of this and people better wake up. For a party that claims to care so much about democracy and the people’s vote, they go out of their way to thwart the people’s vote everywhere they can. This is more law-fare. Let’s be honest, what happened to him, it’s very hard to believe that the warrant issue for Boyle wasn’t released to keep him from being able to succeed in the primary. Now he may have lost in the primary anyway, there certainly were issues there. But that should have been up to the as he said, If all the rules had been followed, and things have been done properly and the justice system didn’t decide to weigh in on it, which it feels like they did. I know that’s quite an accusation, but it certainly feels that way. We see this being done over and over all around the country. We’re getting odd applications of the law where it benefits a political candidate in some way or another. That’s horrifying to think that that can exist in our country. Now they’re going to set up this little committee that will be the majority rule. It doesn’t matter, oh we have both members. Why don’t you make it even then? Why don’t you make it even for Republicans and Democrats? If it’s truly a committee that’s going to really look at somebody who’s incapacitated, which everybody probably could agree on, it should be an even number of members from both parties. Not the majority having one more person, which virtually means that party gets to decide and be a threat to any member that wouldn’t go along with the program.”

Irvin said, “Our constitution already provides for a two thirds vote to relieve a member and it would be done in the public eyes. That would be a direction that we as a body should be going. The ethics committee if it’s something that is, oh, personally that shouldn’t come out maybe in the public to harm a family or anything of that nature, the ethics committee is a very nonpartisan committee that could look at those difficulties that the individual may be having, and that should be kept under public wraps.” 

Ryan said, “I like how you couch it that we already have procedures in place. There is no reason to set this thing up again, yet they find it’s not moving fast enough or it doesn’t move to their convenience, so we better make up a five members and how interesting they want to do their own people in but we’ll have a backup plan when we want to do other people in.” 

Jansen insisted, “It’s an intimidation factor.” 

“Of course it is,” Ryan agreed. “Sure.” 

Jansen said, “They could subpoena medical records, apparently.”

These are House rules and only the members of the House will vote on this new board. 

Irvin said, “It’s no different than our House rules that we set up at the beginning of the session, which I voted no against because they weighed heavily in favor of the majority party.”

Ryan added, “You’ve got to wonder though, will all the Democrats get in on this one? If we’re having an intellectual conversation about this right now and maybe they see the writing on the wall? Maybe there’s some honest Democrats out there that’ll go, you know what? This one, this may come back to bite me in the you-know-what if I’m not a good boy or girl up here. Do you think there’s an appetite on the opposite side of the aisle to see this thing die?”

Irvin suggested, “There could be and time will tell on that. Probably it will be brought up not this next week, but the week after when we’re in session, the 21st. If it comes up for a vote on the House floor, I’m sure it will be heavily debated. I don’t know whether or not we’ll get any stray votes from the Democrats and really it only takes one right now. We saw that on the two gun bills that were voted down or did not get the constitutional votes to be passed this year.”

PA Representative Frank Burns who is a Democrat from Cambria County voted with the Republicans on the recent gun bills. 

Because the Dems have a one-seat majority in the PA House, that’s all it takes for legislation to not make it through the Chamber. 

Irvin said, “Frank Burns, he’s in a very pro-Republican, pro-Trump district.”

Ryan said, “He’s just saving his bacon. He turns on his own party just to save his own bacon. Hey, listen, maybe there’s some intellectual honesty to him. Who knows? Never met the guy and I’ll give him a wide berth on that.”