The November election may not be presidential, but it’s just as important

September 9 — We are 55 days away from election day — the one place where people can make changes they would like to see, especially locally.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the election this morning on First News during the Big Talk.

Ryan said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in reimagining the police. I’m not interested in more Democrats doing what they do. They’re wagging their finger at you. They’re wagging their agenda at you. They’re not listening to you. They’re not answering questions and they’re shoving stuff down your throat and it’s mission critical. You get involved with this election because what is happening on a Joe Biden platform and this disaster of an administration is something they’re very interested in bringing to our neck of the woods.”

Jansen added, “And Marvin Worthy (Democratic mayoral candidate in Chambersburg) has already said he wants to reimagine Chambersburg. What power does the major of Chambersburg, it’s a weak mayor position, what does it actually have? It’s over the police force. I don’t want anyone reimagining Chambersburg, especially if it has anything to do with our police force. Chief Camacho has done a great job reacting to all the community issues and needs even during this tumultuous year where we’re having a lot of issues and questions about race and things like that. We’ve had no issues like that here in Chambersburg except for people being talked into it by an ideology that wants to convince them to see racism everywhere.”

Ryan said, “This is an important election. Fifty-five days. You must be involved. Doesn’t matter if it’s Chambersburg, Greencastle, Waynesboro. I don’t care where it is. Have a very good look at what the make up is and how they are responding back to you and what the activists are trying to do to your community. It’s very, very dangerous.”

Barkdoll added, “Very important and unfortunately these off-year elections have awfully low turnout. These positions — school board, council seats, township supervisors — these are critically important to local communities, but unfortunately turnout is often much, much lower than they would be versus a presidential election year.

Ryan wondered, “Do we have an advantage, though, with the Democrats burning everything to the ground and robbing kids and grandkids of the beauty and the bounty that is America. Watching Joe Biden on the national platform and on a world platform just destroying stuff left and right. Doesn’t this bode well for turnout? I mean I’ll be ringing the bell every single day for the next 55 days to make sure hey, this one matters. If you like what Joe Biden’s doing to America, then just imagine that coming to Chambersburg or rural America. You’ve got to be involved with these smaller elections.

“It’s a fair point,” Barkdoll said. “Two other dynamics at play. One of course is COVID. Who knows where COVID is between now and election day and how that might affect the electorate. The other thing to remember is this is now the second year that remember Pennsylvania eliminated straight-ticket voting. That was part of that mail-in voting form that was done several years ago pre-COVID that Governor Wolf and the General Assembly adopted.”

You can no longer just check a box to vote all Democrat or all Republican.

Barkdoll said, “It’s still not clear how that might be affecting how local races will shake out. This upcoming election in November will be a really good test of how the elimination of straight ticket voting is working and does that advantage the Republicans or the Democrats?