The Most Common Hidden Junk Fees

17 May 2024 – Nine out of ten Americans want our government to crack down on hidden junk fees, those additional, hidden charges that companies pass on to the consumer that cost little (or nothing) for them to provide.

While the White House proposes the Junk Fee Prevention Act, here are some of the most common hidden junk fees and what they cost you:

  • Checkout fees:  Think about that fee you pay just to finalize a purchase for concert tickets.  We’re looking at you, Ticketmaster.
  • Restaurant living wage fees: Started during the pandemic, some restaurants have kept this fee to help pay their staff.
  • Late payment fees: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says, “Of the $23.6 billion fees charged by card issuers in 2019, $14 billion came from late fees alone.”
  • Termination fees: Want to turn off your cable, phone or internet?  There’s a fee for that.
  • Fees to pay your bill:  Your being charged to do what you’re supposed to do, and that’s pay your bill!

Lael Brainard, director of the White House National Economic Council, said “Research indicates that hidden fees can cause consumers to pay as much as 20% more than they would have had they known the total cost up-front and comparison shopped.”