The lab, the media and accountability – digging into the COVID 19 details continues

February 28 – With the Department of Energy recently agreeing with the FBI that COVID 19 may have come from a lab in China, a lot of people aren’t terribly shocked by the revelation. 

In fact, many people suspected that for years. Even though the evidence may have been circumstantial, it seems pretty overwhelming that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  

At the same time, the media is saying none of these theories have consensus. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “This is absurd. What do you think the implications are here in terms of helping us really get to the bottom of this and then what can we do to prevent something like this from happening again?” 

Congressman John Joyce said, “I’m proud to serve on the COVID Special Task Force.” 

The update from the Department of Energy came from last Friday. The department does have oversight on some components of this.

Joyce said, “What did China do when this investigation started? When this was unleashed? They destroyed the virus specimens in that lab. They said it came from a wet market. They made up some story and they allowed this virus to be unleashed upon the world. The impaired, the slowed down internal travel in China, but they let travel occur to everywhere else. The lockdowns, the school closings, the supply chain issues and the mask and vaccine mandates that this virus caused were a violation of our constitutional freedoms. Now, finally, the government from Biden’s administration is saying oh yeah, by the way, it did come from China.” 

Could the timing of the release by the Department of Energy be suspect? Late on a Friday? Maybe they were hoping it would be swept under the rug. 

Joyce said, “It’s because the Biden administration continues to be soft on the Chinese Communist Party.” 

The COVID Origin Select Committee will meet this morning to dig into the details.

Joyce said, “This is all part of our commitment to creating a nation that’s safe.” 

The committee includes other physicians and will hear from both Democrats and Republicans. 

Joyce said, “We know as a group that this virus took away jobs. We know that this virus put kids behind scheduled in reading and math, documented by testing, and we know this virus destroyed supply chains that businesses rely on. This virus was unleashed on America and lead to unprecedented impairments of our constitutional freedoms.” 

The committee will look at an evaluation of what happened and see how another disaster like this can be prevented. 

Joyce said, “Our job is to…hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for what they unleashed on America.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “I don’t know how you’re going to hold China accountable. What does that mean?” 

Joyce said, “We hold them accountable by restricting how many of their antibiotics they provide for us. We hold China accountable by stopping them from impairing our supply chain. We reach into our own soil, into our own earth, find the rare earth minerals, the elements that we need to create the microchips that come from China and from Chinese friends. We need to once again be independent from the overwhelming control that China has on us. We need to be independent on their control on us on social media platforms. We need to carefully evaluate that and we’re going to look at that. That accountability has to begin in the House of Representatives.” 

Members of the National Institutes of Health will be heard from as well – to see if US money was involved. 

Joyce said, “If this research was occurring with your taxpayer dollars, it should never occur again. This is unacceptable. If gain of function research was occurring not only in China, but here in the United States, that’s why it’s so important to have these discussions right now in the people’s House.” 

Jansen pointed out, “Francis Collins, Tony Fauci, the NIH, there’s huge implications that they were funding this. That could be a good motivation for why they tried to cover it up. There’s reveled emails where certain virologists were expressing they thought this couldn’t be anything but a lab-created thing where then they have a little conference with Fauci and then how many months later they got a $9 million grant I think from the NIH? We have a lot of corruption potentially here, a lot of cover-up potentially here. Also the implications of the media. They helped to squash anyone who had an opposite point of view and they were called racists for suggesting this came out of a lab just because it was in China. Those two issues – holding us accountable and then holding the media accountable. What do we do about that when we know maybe people died because of what the media contributed to this as well?” 

Joyce said, “Many media outlets were censoring people who had these discussions, who were able to have the courage to recognize that what they were being fed was not truth. We can’t have conservative viewpoints censored. Big tech has to be held accountable for this. The free discourse is a constitutional guarantee. That right to freedom of speech. I think big tech is culpable in this regard.” 

The COVID Special Task Force will continue for the next two years. 

Joyce said, “I request that we continue to have the difficult conversations. As we said a long time ago, China really is out to eat your breakfast, your lunch and your supper, and I am going to continue to fight that in Washington, DC.”