The Franklin County Commissioners want to see YOU at their meetings

14 May 2024 – Being involved in local politics is very important for towns across the United States.

The Franklin County Commissioners have an evening meeting on the third Wednesday of every month in an effort to make themselves available to everyone.

Tomorrow at 6 p.m. will be the second evening meeting of the year.

Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery said, “I think one of the most important things is getting people out to our commissioner meetings. We do that once a month now. So one out of every four meetings is in the evening. Tomorrow night, 6:30pm 272 North Second Street. Our first meeting we had a great turnout, many more than we average during the day, so I’m excited about that.”

There will be no meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. It’s all in the evening on the third Wednesday.

Last week was Correctional Officers Week.

Flannery said, “I was out at the jail last week. We were kind of honoring the correctional officers, the people who deal with those incarcerated on a daily basis. We had a great ceremony.”

Flannery is a member of the Franklin County Republican Committee, as well.

He said, “Every even numbered primary election and after that election, the committee has 45 days to call a meeting and in that meeting is the reorganization of the committee, which includes obviously all the officers. Just as a note, I have changed my address and moved from Guilford Township to Antrim Township. Therefore, I have already officially stepped down and I’m no longer the vice chairman. That reorg meeting will be coming up here within the next I guess 20, 30 days. When I relocated to Antrim Township, each voting district has two representatives that are on the ballot. You need 10 signatures on your petition to get on the ballot and run to be on the committee. I encourage people I believe next year that will be open for people to do. I encourage people to get on the committee. We haven’t had a full committee since I’ve been associated with it, since I’ve been Commissioner, which has been over four years now. We can have up to 146 officials, committee members, and I think when I joined and got on the committee, we had maybe 60 or 70. I think we’re just up over 100 now, so that means people are not getting out and taking an active role. With the elections that we’re having and we’re facing now, it’s more important than ever for people to commit some time, commit some energy and get involved in the process. So unfortunately me moving from Guilford Township to Antrim Township, we already had two representatives in my voting district therefore I will no longer be on committee. So I just wanted to get that plug out there. I’m going to be talking about that from time to time to try and get people out and get them involved in the process and in their party and make a difference.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There’s a couple of factions in the Republicans and then I’ve got a couple of loud mouths out there that go and write articles and fancy themselves smarter than the rest of the room when quite frankly, they’re more disappointing than they are providing much information at all. Then they get some sort of credibility and some joy. Jansen was at the receiving end of taking some private conversations and turning them public, if I remember this correctly. Have we found some cohesiveness? Have we found some peace, love and granola or do we still have the two folks that battle back and forth here?”

Flannery said, “Quite frankly, again, going back four years when I was elected, one of my goals was to try and unite the party because I had heard and felt this contention between these factions, so to speak. I really have tried over the last four years to no avail, to no avail whatsoever. There are there are some factions and depending on who you associate yourself with, or who you are perceived to associate yourself with, that makes you an enemy of one side. It’s very unfortunate and I’ve dug into this, I’ve asked a lot of questions and I’ve tried to reach out. The bottom line I’ve been told is that, Franklin County is so heavy to the right, to the Republican side that Republicans win every election and so there’s really not a fight with the Democrats. So they decide to fight amongst themselves. So, go figure.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Well conservatives always pride themselves or at least I would think so, in not being the ones in any, compared to some of the Democrats that we criticize in the party over there, of this kind of backstabbing, like what Harry Reid did, like the way he tried to defeat Mitt Romney was to lie about his taxes on the floor of the Congress. Not all Republicans, of course, I think make the claim, but I think conservatives tried to really eschew that and say that’s not the way we operate and yet in this contentious area in our party, here in Franklin County, we’ve literally seen that where people are using misinformation or disinformation to hurt their opponent in the primary. It’s a shame. It really is.”

Flannery said, “I think one of the challenges has been that within the committee, it’s very difficult and there are some counties their committee chooses supporting certain candidates in a primary. Well, boy, does that cause an issue and we’ve seen some of that here over the past couple years when certain Republicans, you have a committee and those people that make up that Franklin County Republican Committee are kind of the people out there that are moving and grooving and working on campaigns. So therefore, you’re going to get two candidates or three candidates or however many in a primary where people are taking sides, and it gets ugly, unfortunately. I made a commitment years ago that when I got on the Franklin County Republican Committee, that I would not, especially when I became vice chair, that I would not endorse any candidates during a primary, obviously, because it causes that type of atmosphere and that type of environment where you’re pitting one of your people against another, and it’s very unfortunate, but that’s where a lot of the mess starts to come into play.”