The FBI documents are out and it’s not looking good for the Bidens

July 21 – Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley released an internal FBI document alleging that the CEO of Burisma, a Ukrainian Oil Company, made two $5 million payments to each of the Bidens, presumably Joe and Hunter in 2021. 

Joe Biden wasn’t in office at the time, but Hunter Biden was allegedly on the board of Burisma. 

Now there are calls for impeachment. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll reminded, “A few months ago, Grassley alluded to the fact that in some kind of a briefing there were even audio tapes of some calls. Now we don’t know where that may be and whether that may get released, but what he released yesterday, were these documents. They are lightly redacted, but the documents certainly suggest that there was a total of $10 million paid from Burisma to Hunter Biden and one or more other people in the family. The CEO also went on to say that Hunter really wasn’t adding anything to the company. It’s still not clear what he was adding to this equation other than his name, and the influence that the Biden family may have been able to exert on different things. Now again, this is when Joe Biden was a private citizen, Biden. Maybe Burisma had the idea that well, he’s eventually going to run for president and if he wins this gives us even more leverage. But the Congress needs to do something about this. I mean, we keep seeing this sort of drip, drip of information and the IRS whistleblowers, now Grassley is releasing these FBI documents. As we sit here today, it’s still not clear where this all goes. Is the Department of Justice investigating this? Might they bring additional charges? We know that Hunter Biden has already taken a plea deal for failure to properly report income taxes. So is more going to come out of this? Remains to be seen. Grassley is saying there needs to be more hearings on this issue.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “There’s a lot of corroborating evidence that I’m hearing with other things that have been talked about, including the whistleblowers, all the stuff on the laptop, which that’s not getting the attention that it should. It’s obvious that the FBI verified that laptop before the 2020 election, and yet they’re the ones that suggested to social media companies there would be a drop of information that’s going to be dis-information and you should ignore it. And that of course was the New York Post story on the laptop, which has all been verified, but they knew it. They knew it then. There’s so many things to be concerned about here, you know, oh, they’re weaponizing, don’t use that. These are our great police forces. How dare you? No. They lied and we have proof of it. Major lying that affected an election and yet, we’re not supposed to talk about that or you’re somehow wrong to even say anything about that. Now you have this FBI informant. This is pretty damning information on the Bidens. Those two whistleblowers from the IRS by the way, and we have to keep reminding people that $17 million between 2014 and 2019.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “And all these lawmakers are offended by something. I’ll tell you what, I’m offended by you not doing anything you a bunch of RINOS out there and holding these people accountable and then giving sweetheart deals away to your friends and family.”

Jansen asked, “Do you think this judge will actually allow this deal with all this information coming out to show oh, this all discredited stuff about Joe Biden. It was never looked into. They weren’t allowed. The IRS investigators, they weren’t even allowed to look into anything that Joe Biden might have done in this. So it’s not been discredited. It was forbidden to be investigated.”

Barkdoll suggested, “I don’t know if all that may be reopened. You alluded to the idea of the RINOS, and that’s an interesting thread, I think, to this story. All of this information we’re discussing the IRS data, the FBI data. It’s been around for years and you dig into some of the reporting on this, Trump’s own administration, his IRS people, his Department of Justice, his FBI, his Attorney General, they all presumably had this same information and did absolutely nothing with it. So if they did nothing with it, I’m not confident certainly the current administration is doing nothing with it and you’re seeing this issue raised by some Republicans on this House Committee and even on the Senate Committee. This stuff has been around. Why isn’t anyone within these internal organizations both under the Trump administration and now Biden, why does it just seem and feel like no one wants to do anything with this? When it’s clear, the more evidence we’re seeing I think it’s pretty clear there’s some wrongdoing, but as we sit here on this Friday morning, nothing is pending as far as we know regarding new charges or a new investigation.”

Jansen said, “But bottom line, can the judge now say that this deal was not made legitimately? Getting information that there were investigations not allowed to happen. We say Biden’s DOJ, but there’s evidence they were going after him during his administration. So was Trump informed of any of this? We have evidence there were people trying to undermine the Trump administration from the FBI from possibly the DOJ.”

Barkdoll said, “The plea I think has been accepted already. I don’t think the judge could go back and reopen the plea because that’s already been done and accepted, but I do think the FBI, Department of Justice, they certainly could file additional charges to the extent this plea was limited to the tax issue. If there’s new evidence regarding new charges, certainly that would be fair game to raise and bring new charges against Hunter Biden, but I’m really not hearing any of that happening. Of course, he’s a private individual, so it’s not like they could somehow sanction him from a government standpoint. So it remains to be seen what if any new charges could be brought against Hunter Biden.”