The election interference case in Georgia has taken a bizarre turn and while it may look funny, is it really? 

February 16 – When charges of election interference were brought against former president Donald Trump in Fulton County, GA, by the District Attorney Fani Willis last August, the whole thing was a circus pretty much from the jump. 

But there’s a good chance no one could have guessed the direction this would take and has taken. 

There are now allegations that Willis had improper relations with her lead prosecutor. The misconduct allegations could lead to her removal from the whole case. 

Apparently Willis’s father will testify on her behalf today.

As has been said before:  you can’t make this stuff up. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It was entertaining, right? And today’s day two. This is all in the context of a motion that Donald Trump’s defense team has made in Georgia. This is an election interference criminal case to disqualify Fani Willis from prosecuting the case because she was having a romantic relationship with a prosecutor named Nathan Wade that she has appointed to prosecute this case. The theory is he’s already billed Fulton County about $650,000, so is she financially benefiting by pursuing this prosecution? Because the evidence is these two were gallivanting on trips all over the place, cruises. If that’s the case, the judge could order that Fani Willis is removed from the case. If I’m Donald Trump’s defense team, I don’t know that I want these people removed from the case. This clearly is not the A Team prosecuting the case. Again, the irony here is if the judge rules in Trump’s favor, they remove Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, there’s going to be a new prosecution team brought in likely from outside of the area. That team is likely going to be a very top flight experienced prosecution team. I don’t know if that’s going to work in Trump’s favor, but that’s where this thing may end up landing.”

Yesterday, during testimony, Willis said, “I very much want to be here so I’m not a hostile witness. I very much want to be here.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “She just burst in after the sweating boyfriend, the pausing, sweating boyfriend. She just kind of meandered her way into the courtroom, didn’t she?”

Barkdoll confirmed, “She apparently was not scheduled to testify. The reporting is that she was watching this from her office. It was all televised. She storms down there and when there was an opening, just walked up to the stand and said I’m here. I’m ready to go. I want to talk, I was very combative with the defense team. The reason the father is testifying today, one of the threads of evidence here is that she is alleging that she reimbursed this boyfriend for all of these trips that they took with cash. Of course there’s no paper trail of cash. She said growing up in Georgia that her father always told her she should keep six months of cash on hand. He’s being called as a witness today to apparently talk about, did he in fact, tell his children to keep six months of cash on hand at their house at all times?”

Ryan said, “You might want to get some armed guards around your house.” 

Willis said, yesterday, “My worst days have probably only been $500 or $1,000. On my best days I probably had $15,000 in my house cash at all times. There’s going to be cash in my house or wherever I’m laying my head.”

When asked if she did or did not know where the cash she paid Wade in 2022 came from, Willis explained, “I do know where it came from. It came from my sweat and tears.” 

Barkdoll said, “This is such an odd part of this case. The other odd thing about all of this, there’s a big question about the timeline here. Now Fani Willis and the boyfriend are saying they did not start their romantic relationship until after he was appointed as the prosecutor in this case, and they all agree that they’ve broken up since then. They’re still talking but they’ve broken up since then. Well, if that timeline is correct, Trump’s team probably loses the case. However, Trump’s team produced another witness that used to work in that office and this woman said they were together long before he was appointed to prosecute the case. Now if the judge believes that witness, then it’s more likely they’re going to get disqualified from prosecuting the case. Even the trips were odd. The reporting had been that this was such a top secret relationship. Well it came out yesterday that Nathan Wade’s mother went with them on one of their cruises, that they weren’t necessarily trying to keep this secret. Wade was married, but he testified yesterday that he was separated from his wife with a divorce pending when he started this relationship with Fani Willis. It really sounds like a soap opera.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “It was so bizarrely detailed. It was like a teenager caught by their parents who comes up with bizarrely detailed lies. The funny thing is, as she kept throwing in more details, she was contradicting herself because at one point she was saying how this woman was her sort of occasional friend and not really a good friend for all that time. But then she talked about leasing the place from her and she talked about giving her cash and giving this guy cash. Well, I do that with all my good friends, my close friends. It’s like you just said she wasn’t a close friend. I mean, she contradicts herself so many times and my goodness she’s got $4,000 to $6,000 on herself in her purse in her pockets at all times? It’s not just that she had the money at home too, I paid him before we went on the trip. But then she talked about paying for things on the trip in Belize and it’s like really? People walk around with $4,000 cash when they’re traveling? They don’t worry about it getting stolen? They don’t worry about suspicion as you’re going through the airport? I mean it’s just bizarre that she thinks anyone’s going to buy this. I use cash for everything nonsense. The more she spoke the worse she sounded, but did that judge let her get away with way too much? Because she was acting like a judge in the courtroom, saying that those are inappropriate questions and she kept doing that and he kept not stopping her from doing that.” 

Ryan suggested, “She absolutely did herself in. The more she talked the more she did herself in.” 

Barkdoll agreed, “Yeah. Of course the worst witness in any case is a lawyer and I think she did get away with some things yesterday, even talking about for example, in these trips, buying things. She would say they went to these wine pairings and then she would throw in he really liked the wine pairings, but I don’t drink wine. I prefer Grey Goose. Well, that had nothing to do of course with the case, but there were all of these sorts of tidbits that she was allowed or injected into the case. But again, as crazy as this all looked, I don’t know and I’m sure Trump’s defense team had no idea how unprofessional these people were going to come across. If I’m the defense team, I’m starting to wonder last night, hey, do we withdraw this request to disqualify them? If I’m being prosecuted, let’s allow this crew to do the prosecution. Because this might be a ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario. Trump may win this hearing, but end up getting a much higher flight, top flight prosecution team brought in now to pursue this case against him.” 

Jansen said, “That’s going to take time and so this is going to get delayed, which is something they were wanting to do. But then secondly, isn’t this just why the people in this country should be outraged that we can allow any slapstick DA in any county in the country, which as obvious from her, are not very professional, are not very tied into the law and the application of the law? This is Banana Republic. We should not allow county DAs to bring these kinds of charges.” 

Ryan said, “Frankly it looked like something out of Judge Judy or one of those midday shows. She looked like such an idiot, when you see the boyfriend/girlfriend yelling at each other. That may work in television theater, but it doesn’t work in a real courtroom setting.” 

Barkdoll said, “It’s a sad reflection and of course this Fani Willis, she is the elected District Attorney of a very large important county there in Georgia. Late yesterday morning while the boyfriend is testifying about all of these salacious details of their relationship, suddenly on TV is the split screen Donald Trump is having his press conference outside of the New York City courtroom about the hush money porn star pay off case. That was ordered yesterday. It’s going to trial in a few weeks. So if we thought this was a circus yesterday, just wait until March 25 when Stormy Daniels goes into New York court. Trump is going to be present and there’s going to be days and days of testimony about that case. I think it’s a sad reflection of where things are politically and otherwise. These are state cases, so Trump, Biden, they can’t issue pardons regardless of who wins reelection or gets elected in November. These cases don’t go away. Trump’s team argued yesterday that here we are at the height of campaign season. He’s essentially going to be out of commission for weeks when he has to start attending that New York case on March 25. We’ve never seen anything like this.”