The coercive power of money can be felt a lot closer to home than you may think

August 22 – In recent months, certain local nursing homes made private decisions to mandate vaccinations for their employees.

Since then, they’ve lost a number of employees who found work at other area nursing homes where vaccines aren’t required.

Now President Biden is saying that any facility that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding have to have all employees fully vaccinated if those organizations want the money.

State Representative Paul Schemel joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News to talk about manipulation by money. 

Schemel said, “Doesn’t this just demonstrate the coercive power of federal money? The federal government uses money to coerce states to do what it wants, which it otherwise has no constitutional basis for doing. The federal government has no authority, none, none under the constitution to tell a sovereign state what its nursing homes or other employers can do with regard to anything, like, for example, vaccine mandates. However it can say well we’re going to withhold this money. This is the coercive power of money. We have to be very careful and ever vigilant because the government does this. The state does it. The federal government does it all the time to try to direct what other levels of government do by withholding money. And we should not tolerate that. As a nation we should not tolerate that. And that’s exactly what’s happening. An otherwise unconstitutional act on the part of the Commander in Chief, the president of the United States, but he’s able to do it because they give money to entities within the states, to the states themselves and therefore are able to mandate whatever terms they want.”

Jansen pointed out, “We have the same things with the masks. I’ll criticize both sides. You have governors who are telling local school districts what they can and can’t do and coercing them to an extent and then you have the president coercing those governors, picking the ones that don’t want mask mandates and saying well we’re going to go ahead and pay people anyway. We’ll go around you. It’s like levels and levels of manipulation.”

Schemel said, “Exactly. Governor DeSantis in Florida, I think has the best stance on masks, by saying school districts you cannot mandate masks. By doing that, insurance companies are not put in a position where they can threaten to remove insurance coverage if someone gets sued.”