The Chevy Christmas commercial is touching a whole lot of people – and maybe there’s a deep reason why

November 30 – When it comes to tradition and poignancy, the holidays are, for some, the time of year when everything comes together. 

From the twinkling Christmas lights to the gathering of family, this is the time of year to embrace those we love. 

Well Chevy apparently wanted to remind everyone of that this year with a more than five minute long commercial that centers on a grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. The grandchildren run in to talk with her, but she doesn’t speak or appear to recognize them. 

It’s not until an older grandchild takes her out to an older Chevy truck that grandma begins to come to life and remember how she met their grandfather and all the fun the family had together. 

A lot of people think it’s exactly what the country needs right now. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This ad aired in a brief format on NFL telecasts on Thanksgiving. Chevy has now rolled out the full ad. It’s over five minutes. They did this in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Association. The commercial is just terrific. Everyone will love it. It has gone viral and you’re seeing overnight just praise from all ends. I saw praise and some Christian publications yesterday. What a bright commercial this is. I even saw praise from very progressive outlets saying this is the best ad of the season that everyone should watch.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You know why? I’ll tell you why this thing is a hit in so many different camps. We are so hungry. We are so, so, so hungry for tradition. There’s been so much chaos and so much upset that we’re so used to things that bring us joy and bring us tradition. You continue to see the chaos out of the mainstream media that can’t wait to float every freak show and all we want is just a little calm and a little bit of normalcy and going back to the family unit, the tradition caring for one another.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “Because that normalcy speaks to truth, capital T truth that we all understand. You can have every kind of variation of stuff in the universe and we have tolerance for this in this society, but to try to redefine what’s normal and good, it goes with human nature. It’s not to have to do this ideology versus this ideology. It’s just our human nature and recognition of those things.”

Barkdoll agreed, “I don’t want to give away this whole thing but, it’s hope as well because this commercial, this family is clearly suffering from the decline of their matriarch with Alzheimer’s and then during this five minutes, the young hipster granddaughter takes grandma on a ride around their small town, reminisces about all the places she used to go, where she met her husband, where she had her first kiss, where she went to school and at the end of a commercial, there are signs of hope in this woman and in the family. I think that’s what’s turning people on. That’s why this is going viral and so many outlets are picking this up saying this is what you need to watch. It’s a five minute investment of your time that will be really well spent this season.”

Ryan noted, “Compare this to also to a country that is looking for hope or looking for tradition or you’re looking for that peace in chaos that is being hoisted on us by all sorts of groups. Take a look at Budweiser back at the time when the planes plow into, these monsters, these animals would do what they did to this country, the Twin Towers and all the rest of it and that one Budweiser commercial that would run with the Clydesdales going through middle America. A guy’s cutting hair or the horses or going towards where you can see the Statue of Liberty and these beautiful, beautiful horses are bowing to the Statue of Liberty. It only aired once. You watch that thing today and it will bring you right back to the emotions and it brings you back to ‘we’re better than what is being pushed by mainstream media’ and a very, very far left radical group of people and we’re all looking back for those things.”

Barkdoll added, “If I’m a marketing person looking at this type of commercial and how it has gone viral, the success, the praise it’s getting across the spectrum, what you said is exactly where we are. People want to see more of these kinds of messages, hope and family and just positivity, not all of this other stuff that seems to be so infiltrating our society.”

Ryan continued, “Maybe, just maybe, maybe Disney maybe you get it now. It’s right in front of you. You get textbook examples of we’re done with all this stuff. You see DEI officers being shown the door because we’re done with all this stuff. You went too far. You lectured us too much and all we want is just leave me the hell alone and get out of my pocketbook and get out of my life and let me live my life with my family.”

Jansen said, “Disney destroyed its brand. Its brand was always about family and love and we get these weird definitions of what love is supposed to be these days. No, we know what love is. We’re very accepting of all kinds of iterations of family, but we know what the ideal is. Striving for the ideal doesn’t mean you’re denigrating the others. It just means that’s our standard and that standard should not be destroyed.”