The Chambersburg Borough is looking for YOUR thoughts on a comprehensive plan

CHAMBERSBURG – The month of June will be the kick-off month for gathering information for the new comprehensive plan for the borough of Chambersburg.

One way to offer your thoughts is by clicking here:

Allen Coffman, Councilmember from Ward One joined Pat Ryan on First News Monday morning to discuss the plan.

Coffman said, “The last one we did was back in 2008. They seem to get done about every 10 years. We’re a little bit overdue on this one but there’s been a real effort made to gather that information. They’ve picked various places throughout Chambersburg to have information tables set up so people can get more information on the comprehensive plan and what it’s all about.”

Ryan pointed out, “I see who’s sitting on that council or on that group and I see some very thoughtful people. I’d like to see a small business owner. I think I saw a screenshot of some folks in the church leadership, very much needed. One person I’d really like to see in there, I see Marvin Worthy is on that role, I’d like to see Ken Hock on there as well. I don’t know if you can add more people to the committee. It’s really important that you do say something here. When I first got to town, I was invited by somebody at Wilson College and somebody at the Chamber of Commerce to sit down and say what do you think needs to be done here?”

Ryan told them, “You can build all the damn bike racks you want here in town but I got two store fronts down here that are empty, the one across the street’s still a mess, for the longest time the store across the street was empty here. I’ve got a great, historic anchor in the community that is the Olympia Candy Store. I see food trucks on Sunday. The town is dried up on Sunday. If you’re going to do food trucks, why wouldn’t you do them on a Saturday? I’ve got some folks here that have the right place in their heart here, but aren’t thinking. Where’s the business owners on this one?”

Coffman agreed, “They should be part of it and there’s nothing that would keep them away from joining. Right now most of this week is trying to inform people the purpose of the comprehensive plan. It’s planning ahead for the future. They’ve traditionally been ten year blocks. It’s supposed to be done next spring.”

The plan is being done by Michael Baker Associates, an engineering and consulting group.

“They bid on the job to do it,” Coffman explained. “The last time it was a different group.”

The Michael Baker consultants gathered the community members for the comprehensive plan committee.

On June 8 at the Visitor’s Center from 12 to 1:30 p.m., you can have an opinion on the comprehensive plan. An information table will be set up, so make a point to stop by and have your voice heard.