The catastrophe at the border is now affecting the American Foster Care system

The catastrophe at the border is now affecting the American Foster Care system

A report from a Washington state family who is required to give up their foster children in order to make room for migrant children crossing the border has uncovered yet another issue with the open borders under the Biden administration.

The family, who has fostered about 20 children over the last seven years, lived in a home that was part of the facilities owned by a nonprofit organization, Friends of Youth, that coordinates foster care for American children.

But with thousands of children coming across the southern border, many of whom are crossing without parents, the federal government is scrambling to find places for them.

Apparently, it’s now looking at current foster homes within the U.S.

Indeed, the foster family in Washington was told they would need to move out of their home in order to make room for unaccompanied youth.

The family in Washington was fostering four emotionally disturbed teenagers – often the ones who are most difficult to place – and now will have to move out of their home and the children will once again, be displaced.

One of the four has already run away.

Another one has been hospitalized for panic attacks.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News (the live-local info radio show 6am-9am on 103.7FM) to discuss the issue.

Ryan pointed out, “These (foster) kids have already been compromised with COVID and the isolation that they have. You put that multiplier effect on them, then you kick them out of their house. Really?”

Jansen noted, “Children in the foster system are already so compromised and finding a consistent set of parents is so critical. Bringing illegal aliens in on these families and children in this country who are already having a hard time finding a stable place for these children to have love and support. What are we doing?”

There may be an economic connection for the decision made by the nonprofit organization.

“It gets back to the problems with these massive stimulus packages,” Barkdoll said. “They’re going to displace the foster kids to put these migrant children in and I’ll bet the story behind that that maybe we’re not seeing is that in part of the stimulus packages there’s some kind of grant or funding incentive for these nonprofits to operate that way. This is a ripple effect all through the system and just causing one problem after another.”

Jansen added, “It’s not these morons who are screaming about we’re so compassionate. No. You’re going to put the burden on people who can least afford the burden – that’s who’s going to get hit the hardest. I’m disgusted with this. It’s such false virtue signaling. This is not the right way to be using tax payer money, not for Americans but for people who are not Americans illegally crossing into this country. I don’t blame the migrants. I blame the policies of this administration doing this to all of these children, American and non-American.”