The Big Talk tackles the forensic audit, vaccinations and China keeping everyone out

July 22 — CHAMBERSBURG – Every weekday morning on First News, the local – live morning radio information show with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen features the big talk topics and opinion from local Attorney Clint Barkdoll.

On July 22, topics covered by the Big Talk on First News were the forensic audit in PA, how COVID vaccinations are supposed to save you (no matter what) and the fact that no one can even get into China to look at the origins of the pandemic.

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Couldn’t we have better contracts with election machine companies so audits can happen?

Our neighbor next door, Fulton County, is in a mess since the election audit earlier this year.

The price tag for that audit just keeps rising.

One question would be, why can’t we have contracts with companies that would allow for these audits? The issue is opening up the election machines after the votes have been counted decertifies the machines and results in the need to purchase brand new equipment.

Certainly contract could be written to not require that, right?

Jansen added, “Or how about the Department of State do its job and it be the one that came in and did a really good audit and therefore we wouldn’t have to worry? So Fulton County is going to be punished now and they’re threatening to punish any other county that would allow this to happen. We’re in a Catch 22. It’s like you’re not allowed to understand whether or not you can trust elections.”

Barkdoll added, “The Fulton County, Pennsylvania story I think is very curious. I don’t’ feel that there’s been a lot of reporting on this over the last few months. This initially was reported by the local paper in Fulton County but it was also picked up by newspapers and media in Arizona.”

Because people in Arizona started to realize that the audit firm in Arizona only had one other audit under their belts and it happened to be the one in our Fulton County.

How did they land of all places in the US in Fulton County, PA? A county that Donald Trump won by a margin of 7 or 8 to 1? One of his largest margins of victory, certainly in PA if not the entire country.

The Department of State issued a letter to Fulton County on Tuesday. There was a lot more going on here than had been reported.

Prior reports were that the audit firm accessed the Dominion machines as part of the process.

The letter from the Department of State is also saying that the audit firm also accessed election databases, results files, software. They apparently made blatant copies of hard drives and thumb drives used in the county.

Remember the audit found nothing. No irregularities.

Barkdoll said, “It’s a pretty harsh letter that the state issued saying this was all done in a not transparent or bipartisan manner and they said they had no choice but to now decertify all of that equipment and election infrastructure in Fulton County.”

Prior reporting said it was going to cost Fulton County $25,000, but now that a lot more equipment was involved, that number is bound to go up. Possibly way up.

Ultimately that’s going to have to be absorbed by the taxpayers in Fulton County.

One of the big questions remaining: how or why was Fulton County chosen?

The audit was pre-Arizona, maybe February/March timeframe.

Jansen pointed out, “Remember what was going on then. The Dominion machines were a huge part of this. Fulton County of course didn’t have any issues but we didn’t have that many counties that used Dominion. So who better to go and tap then a friendly county who voted for Donald Trump, who many of the people there were like we don’t trust Dominion. I think that’s the reason they got tapped. There was a Dominion-using county in a friendly area that would be friendly towards Republicans who wanted to look at Dominion machines so I think that answers a big question as to why them.”

Barkdoll concurred, “I think that makes sense. I think that is an explanation that’s plausible.”

York and Tioga counties, both Republican counties, both Republican controlled commissioner boards, have said no to the audit when the State Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee requested they participate.

The York County Commissioner letter that was issued cites the Fulton County audit as one of the reasons they said no.

This Fulton County issue in an odd way may continue to come into play here as PA goes back-and-forth with the forensic audit.

Apparently the COVID vaccine means you won’t die

President Biden took part in a Town Hall discussion in Cincinnati yesterday and it was televised on CNN.

A direct quote from the president, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized and you’re not going to die.”

Ryan said, “That’s a pretty big promise from the president, don’t you think?”

Barkdoll agreed, “That’s an awfully bold claim and promise. There’s a lot of news reports yesterday, legal experts and medical experts predicting that if the FDA gives the vaccine full approval – and it looks like that may happen within the next week or two – you may see even more vaccine mandates in the public and the private sector.”

Overnight, New York City hospitals are mandating their workers be vaccinated. More and more colleges and universities are doing the same.

And with the courts upholding it, vaccine mandates could become the status quo for the country.

Why isn’t our government looking into the origins of COVID?

Yesterday, Representative Darrell Issa from California, spoke on the Fox News rundown about the major issues with China and what happened in a Wuhan lab as it relates to the pandemic outbreak.

He said, “If we have to go to war with China, it will be long after we have placated them, capitulated and compromised. Sooner rather than later a return to the kind of toe-to-toe that President Trump did – with, by the way, bipartisan support.”

Barkdoll pointed out, “The World Health Organization and I realize they’ve been a controversial body unto themselves, but remember going back to January this investigative team, scientists around the world went on the ground in China with the WHO and were totally shut down, were not given any access.”

Apparently again, just recently, the Chinese government has rejected another plan from the WHO to get in and investigate the origins of COVID.

The big question is: why hasn’t the US government done anything?

Barkdoll concluded, “I would just add you need to put any pressure you can, listeners, on your Congressman, on your Senators. The government needs to get more engaged in this issue.”