The best way to have your voice heard — VOTE

September 10 — Local elections have consequences and you have to show up to the ballot box to alter those consequences.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed how important it is to vote and communicate with elected officials during the Big Talk on First News this morning.

Ryan said, “I think that this kind of overreach (Biden admin), it ignites a fire in Independents and in Democrats that have had quite enough of watching Joe Biden systematically destroy America in eight months and I can’t help but think that this is a good match again on getting people to the polls in 54 days.”

“I think that’s right,” Barkdoll said. “People in opposition or people that are aggrieved are much more motivated to come out and vote and I think that is a very accurate observation. You look at what’s been happening the last few weeks, I think there is big appetite for change and I think these things we’re talking about whether it’s the masks, these vaccine mandates, the things happening at the national level, the rubber meets the road at the local level here. So, yes there’s all these things happening from Washington, but it’s very important you have good representation in your local town, in your local township, in your school board because a lot of these national polices as we know trickle down to the local level and ultimately it lays on the local officials then to implement these things and that’s why it’s really important to be paying attention to these local races.”

Jansen said, “And we’ve got to stop it with these moral superiority activists who are getting themselves into positions of leadership. The Democratic Party, I’m sorry, you are the ones way too much into this camp right now. The liberal, leftist progressives who have taken over, sadly, so many institutions and have got a lot of bureaucrats now in place, in permanent positions, regardless of who is elected are taking on much too much authority. Look at this is the secretary of health, this is the people in the labor department…is this what we want? A country ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who are taking more and more power? How about the Human Relations Commission of Pennsylvania, saying they have all this authority to decide what gender is and make us all follow their ideas. This is really dangerous.”

A lot of school districts around Pennsylvania are allowing parents to self-attest that there’s a medical condition if a child doesn’t need to wear a mask — there’s no requirement for a doctor’s note.

It’s now come out that the State Secretary of Education has issued a letter to those districts warning them that they may be subject to penalties and liability if they let parents get away with that kind of loophole.

So the Secretary of Education is prepared to enforce the mask mandate — does he even have the authority to do that?

“They think they do,” Jansen said. “This is what’s so terrifying. You are an unelected bureaucrat. You are not a police officer, you are not a judge, but they’ve put themselves into that position. Again, a rule by uncertainty, fear and intimidation. That’s what we’re seeing at all levels of government right now.”

Barkdoll agreed, “I have never seen the dynamic like we’re seeing now with all of these things going on. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here. I do have a fear this could get worse. The very important thing we need to watch are these court decisions. We’ve got the commonwealth  court case on the masks. You’re going to see multiple lawsuits filed today about these COVID mandates.”

Our system has checks and balances in place, so the judiciary will have their say.

Barkdoll continued, “If the courts uphold all of these mandates, nothing is really going to change, unless you see action at the General Assembly level, but in most states, you’ve got a General Assembly of one party and a governor of another party like here in Pennsylvania in which case nothing is going to get passed regarding these kind of measures.”

Ryan said, “Engaging on a local level, on a national level and on a county level, they’ve got to hear from you. The more they hear from you, the more they see the emails, the more they know you’re engaged and the more they’re trying to cover their fannies and actually start paying attention to some of the things that are happening on this national platform. What Joe Biden’s doing to America is what the Democrats want to do to you on a local level, on a county level, on a state level and you’ve got to get involved. You’ve got to call these people out. Jansen was talking about calling Manchin today and saying, ‘hey thanks!’”

Jansen said, “Doesn’t what just happened with Joe Biden even prove how more important it is for someone like Manchin to stand up and say we need more checks and balances, not less?”

Barkdoll said, “Manchin is arguably the most powerful person in the federal government. We know in this 50/50 Senate, it’s certainly not a strong check and balance. The Democrats technically have control because Vice President Harris can be the tie breaker, but Manchin as he peels away from some of these initiatives, like infrastructure being one, his one vote is enough to sink many of these initiatives. So I like what you’re saying. He is someone, even though we don’t live in West Virginia, obviously, but if you like the way he’s handling that, it’s okay to contact his office. You’re technically not a constituent, but I think it’s important that he knows there are people around the country that are appreciating what he’s trying to do whether you’re a Republican or an Independent or a Democrat.”