“That’s a pipe”: intoxicated man allegedly gives police his unused crack pipe during arrest

01 March 2023- The Chambersburg man previously charged with breaking into a Quincy Township home is now hit with drug charges after he allegedly gives police his crack pipe unprompted. Takeim Samir Drake is charged now with felony drug possession, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, and summary public drunkenness. Drake is given another bail of $50,000 bail.

On February 5th around 11:45pm, Pennsylvania State Troopers were dispatched to Scotland Main Street for a report of a suspicious person. The caller allegedly said a man and a woman had parked their car in the victim’s driveway. The two people were allegedly throwing up and intoxicated before seeing them walk away from the car.

Police allegedly found the vehicle on Main Street with open alcohol containers in the center console as well as other unopened cans.

Around half an hour later, Troopers allegedly found Takeim Drake, with Drake saying he was the passenger in the car. While speaking with Drake, police indicated that he was very intoxicated, talking irrationally and vague. Drake was taken in for public drunkenness before police found he was wanted for an unrelated burglary.

Upon searching Drake during his arrest, he was allegedly found to be in possession of a clear glass smoking device that contained unburnt crack cocaine. Without being asked, Drake allegedly told police “that’s a pipe” prior to removing it from his sweater pocket.

Drake is again behind bars on an additional bail of $50,000.

Sources: Incident Number: PA 2023-250234, Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000061-2023