Supply chain problems come to Harley Davidson

May 20 – The Harley Davidson plant in Springettsbury Township in York County, one of the main manufacturing facilities in the world, will close production for at least the next two weeks.

They are citing supply chain problems.

There are components for the motorcycles that have dried up to nothing and they can’t operate the plant.

Hundreds and hundreds of workers are on furlough and it’s unclear when they will return to work.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This will undoubtedly disrupt Harley Davidson inventory around the world. Hopefully they can get it back up and running in a couple of weeks, but I saw one news story they were saying they’re not even projecting a re-open date because this supply chain problem is very difficult to solve. There was some suggestion that the shut-down may go on for much longer.”

It begs the questions:  what industry will be next and how many jobs will be affected?

If the empty shelves in stores didn’t prove it, maybe the Harley Davidson story will – the supply chain problem is very real and could affect every aspect of our lives.