Summer’s first heat wave is set to hit this weekend, so make sure you’re prepared!

12 June 2024- First Heat Wave of the season is headed to the tristate area this weekend, with temperatures looking to get into the mid to high 90s by next week. With elevated RealFeel temperatures and UV Index at the extreme level (9-11) please prepare yourself and your family to avoid heat related illnesses., a Department of Homeland Security initiative to help Americans get ready for extreme weather and other atmospheric phenomenon, define extreme heat as “a period of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees for at least two to three days.”

Helpful tips on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses and how to stay safe during extreme heat with a local look can be found with help from Berkeley County HERE.

The County also advises that everyone should check on those more susceptible to heat related illnesses such as infants and children, seniors, outdoor workers, and pets.  

Additionally, you can check out more helpful pointers as the mercury rises with the CDC, with their full guide on extreme hear found HERE.