Street Improvement Modifications, Planning and Zoning Report – Chambersburg Town Council Recap

CHAMBERSBURG – Monday night’s Town Council meeting, 11 March 2024, began with a unanimous approval of the consent agenda, with the exception of item 5.07. This item concerned the installation of an electric vehicle charging station within the Nelson Street right-of-way between the curb and sidewalk, as requested by Meghan N. Heebner. Councilmember Stacy Short proposed the Council vote on the issue separately, expressing concerns that if the station was installed on a public street instead of in a private garage, the Borough may incur expenses assuming it is not removed in the future. She also pointed out that the resident had no guarantee of acquiring that public parking space and therefore making use of the station. Ultimately, the Council voted to approve the item, with Short voting against it.

The Council authorized several modifications to the 2024 Street Improvements List, as presented by Director of Public Works Chuck Nipe. Horst Avenue and Hudson Avenue were removed with the hope that the Borough could coordinate improvement efforts with Greene Township, since the two streets are partially within both municipalities. 5th Avenue, Laurel Avenue, and Clover Circle were added. As it stands, the project includes the milling and overlay of multiple roads and seven alleys, with an estimated cost of about $735,000. The field work portion is expected to begin around late spring/early summer and conclude before autumn. Notices will be issued to all properties with frontage on the streets to be improved. These will notify residents of the construction schedule and provide Borough representative contact information. Curb Construction Notices for Curb and Sidewalk Repair will also be issued as needed.

The Council received an overview of the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on March 5. Deputy Borough Manager Phil Wolgemuth presented several projects under discussion, including: a final subdivision plan for the Borough of Chambersburg to combine eight parcels at Chambers Fort Park; a final subdivision plan for Preowned Motorcars, LLC to subdivide three parcels at 1260 Stanley Avenue Extended, including a potential lot addition to Memorial Park; and a final land development plan for Tall Pines Distillery to construct a driveway entrance, one-story building, outdoor patio, and parking lot on Orchard Drive. The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for April 2, 2024.

The meeting concluded with Council referrals to the Parking, Traffic, and Streetlight Committee. Councilmember Bill Everly Jr. presented a citizen request to post a stop sign at the intersection of Parkwood Drive and Phoenix Drive, a matter which had previously been referred to and declined by the committee under the basis that it most likely would not qualify. President Allen Coffman decided to place the request on the Council agenda to discuss it further. He also referred a request by Providence Christian Academy to install a crosswalk across Grant Street. The committee will meet in April to discuss the issue.