STOP 676 gets major win: Greene Township Supervisors shoot down Conditional Use Application

23 March 2023- STOP 676 gets a major boost last night as the Greene Township Supervisors vote unanimously to reject the Conditional Use Application for the proposed housing complex. The developer of the project, Metropolitan 4, LLC, did not show up to defend the project as it came under continued scrutiny from not only citizens in the surrounding area but local officials at all levels.

Just last week the Franklin County Commissioners threw their weight behind the movement, citing concerns over resident approval, density, traffic flow, and more.

The proposed community would have included 33 buildings, containing 676 garden apartments on a 70 acre property. That plot of land was set to be between the North Guilford and Summer Breeze neighborhoods just off Ragged Edge Road in the Township.

Much testimony was given on the deficits of the plan to meet ordinance standards and inability of utility and surrounding infrastructure to meet the needs of such high density housing.

A dozen of citizens commented off the record in opposition. There have been no public comments in favor of the project. The vote could be the end of the project but the developer did indicate the application was under revision and there will be 30 days after the written ruling is published for the developer to challenge the vote.