Stalking and trespassing charges pressed against Waynesboro man

7 February 2024- Multiple charges have been brought forward against a Waynesboro man accused of repeatedly breaking into and stalking another person at a location in the borough. Samuel Peyton Horwell McJonathan is charged with misdemeanor stalking and misdemeanor defiant trespassing. He is currently behind bars on $15,000 bail.

Waynesboro PD officers were dispatched to a location on N Grant Street around 4:50pm on February 6th. The Department, officers say, had several recent investigations of trespassing and theft violations involving the person that was believed to be at that N Grant Street location.

Dispatch originally relayed to WPD officers that Samuel McJonathan, according to the caller, was heading to the property to break in, even though the department had previously told him he was was not allowed to be at that property.

Officers spoke to McJonathan inside of a garage that solely belonged to the victim. During this initial contact, McJonathan allegedly made excuses unto why he was there, including the victim explicitly allowing him to go into her garage. During the conversation, WPD officers also allegedly confirmed that McJonathan had been to the property the day before just before 2am in the morning.

McJonathan, officers say, was not allowed on the property and was told so many times. They also specify that McJonathan has made threats of committing various crimes at the home with an intent to terrorize the victim.

Samuel McJonathan is behind bars on $15,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000017-2024, Incident No.: WPD-202401209