Speeding, gang activity and limiting public comment were topics at last night’s Chambersburg Borough Council meeting

June 29 – The public comment section of last night’s Chambersburg Borough Council meeting saw residents step up to the microphone to have their say.

Which is what the public comment section in any meeting is for.

One resident asked council to consider reducing the speed limit on McKinley Street.

Another expressed concerns that there really isn’t a need for a Human Relations Commission in Chambersburg at this time.

Gang activity was also mentioned by a community member.

One gentleman asked borough council to consider limiting speech time at the microphone to borough residents only.

Allen Coffman, Councilmember for the First Ward, joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News to discuss the meeting.

Coffman said, “I didn’t know the country wanted to muzzle people, but as we look at national items and even some things here in Franklin County people do try to shut down other people’s voices. That specific part of our meeting – public comment – is just that.”

Ryan asked, “How was that received by the folks on borough council for what sounds like another shut up, sit down moment?”

Coffman said, “I didn’t hear any return comment made to that. So I guess silence might indicate acceptance of that idea. I don’t know.”

Jansen added, “They certainly didn’t speak up and say well no it’s the right of everyone who interacts with the borough to be able to come here and speak at public comment. That would have been a nice response but I guess the president didn’t think she had to do that. If I work here I also have a stake in what the borough does. Means I pay taxes here. I had a note from a listener who said if I pay taxes in the borough, think about landlords, think about others. That’s really outrageous when you think about it. The public has a to interact with any government entity that it does business with regardless.”

Additionally borough council agreed to repair the King Street fountain. The fountain is basically a model of the fountain on the square in Chambersburg and residents in that neighborhood love that fountain.

It’s been in disrepair for a while now and council will have it restored and repainted hopefully by the end of the summer.