Some big media outlets are calling for Biden to drop out of the presidential race – will it happen? 

July 1 – After a disastrous showing by President Joe Biden at last week’s debate with former president Donald Trump, a number of people have been wondering if it’s time for Biden to get out of the race. 

The New York Times editorial board has made that suggestion, as well as the Chicago Tribune and other famous columnists like David Ignatius and Tom Friedman. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “They wrote just scathing pieces about Biden over the weekend. They said they loved him, but it’s clearly time for him to leave the stage.”

There’s also a YouGov poll that came out over the weekend that showed 72% of all voters, including a number of Democrats, said that Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president. 

Barkdoll noted, “That same poll, by the way, the same respondents, about 50% said the same thing about Trump. Be on watch today and tomorrow for the first actual polling on did this debate move the needle in the race, particularly in these battleground states? I don’t know what will happen today. Biden was holed up all weekend at Camp David with his family and with a very close circle of advisers. There was a lot of speculation, was this going to be an intervention?”

Could that group have been trying to convince Biden to get out of the race? 

Barkdoll continued, “He is staying at Camp David today. He’s going to return home tonight. Biden has said nothing all weekend. You have all these surrogates out, just from a party loyalist standpoint, saying they’re sticking with him. I don’t know when he gets home tonight or tomorrow what will happen.” 

Apparently Annie Leibovitz, the famous photographer, was doing a photoshoot at Camp David with the Biden family over the weekend. 

Barkdoll said, “Jill Biden did do an interview for Vogue magazine and a lot of outlets are picking up the fact this morning that she’s quoted of saying that Biden will continue to fight, he will continue to do what’s best for the country, but she seems to come short of confirming that he will continue to run for president, and that’s the only tidbit whatsoever that has come out from the family since the debate.”

Michele Jansen of NewSTalk 103.7FM said, “I’m floored. First of all, again, the indictment of journalists and media, when they all pretended like we just didn’t know he was this bad. It is totally absurd. If they would have done their job a long time ago, I don’t think the country would be in this predicament. To hear MSNBC this morning the manic-ness of yes, he needs to go. But nobody has demonstrated the ability to come back. To hear Mika Brzezinski on there, just outlying the victimhood of Joe Biden this morning, I don’t think that helps the case for this is the man we need at the head of this country. I do think this alert in Europe is a strong indication of why you cannot have someone that’s so obviously compromised and I can’t help but there’s two things that really, really stick out to me. One is the whole why don’t we celebrate equity this morning? They have put themselves in such a bind with making Kamala Harris somebody who has zero merit to be in the position she’s in, but she fit the bill equity wise, didn’t she? She fits a lot of those identity categories that we just have to pay attention to more than what’s actually practically important in this world today. They’re in a bind because they can’t have him leave right now and have her be the president. People have less confidence in her, including Democrats, than in Joe Biden. As I said, you look at what’s going on in the world, they said they haven’t had a threat alert in Europe like this in 10 years and this indicates there are very credible, reliable threats. Isn’t it interesting how it came in the wake of this nonsense? Then secondly, they keep talking about this threat to democracy. What is more of a threat to democracy than the fact that there’s been a man at the head of this country, supposedly, for, I mean, at least the last six months, but I would argue, even since he was put into office, we didn’t allow for a primary. The voters didn’t have a choice, but this man, who they must have known at the primary time, and in the last six months, he was incapable of running this country. I’d like to know first of all, who is running this country? Who is making the decisions? Because it’s obviously not this man and then so much for democracy, because they won’t even allow the second hand person to become president. It’s obvious that they’re planning on replacing him completely at the convention. It’s not going to be Kamala Harris. The two people that the people voted for are either not the ones running the country or will not be allowed to run the country. What’s more of an attack on democracy than that?”

Barkdoll said, “Clearly it must be staff that’s running things. I had heard years ago, and we talked about this on the program, I had DC reporters say to me that what they called a conspiracy of silence. This was two or three years ago. They said in certain circles in DC, it was the worst kept secret in town that Biden was just not up to snuff cognitively, day to day. As you’re pointing out, certainly the circles around him, certainly journalists, you think would be aware of this and now act like they’re all so surprised, but the Democrats have a real mess on their hands. Your point about Harris is exactly the point in today’s Wall Street Journal editorial saying about, how do they get out of this mess? If Biden steps down, they now have her in the second position. She’s as unpopular, if not more unpopular than Biden. So that creates an issue.”

Additionally, there are rules for the convention later this summer. 

Barkdoll pointed out, “Remember, at the August convention, the delegates can’t just go in there on their own and pick someone else. They’ve been elected as Biden delegates. The only path out of this is that Biden must voluntarily come out and step down. Now, presumably Harris would be next in line, but if Biden got out of the race, in theory, those delegates are all unlocked. They could then pick anybody they want. I don’t see Harris leaving either. Maybe that’s the subject of all these huddles going on all weekend at Camp David. Are key people trying to convince him, persuade Biden that this is the time to get out? I’ll be curious to see what happens today and tomorrow.”

Also, all of the DC newsletters this morning reported that Biden is trying to adopt a strategy in July to do more press conferences and sit down interviews with networks and journalists, including ones that are unfriendly. 

Barkdoll suggested, “I don’t see this ending well for him. I mean, you saw what he was Thursday night. Imagine what it would be for an hour to sit down with 60 minutes of Fox News or fill in the blank, or a one hour unscripted press conference. I think it would be a disaster for him.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “But he’s lied all this time and they’ve covered for him all this time. I think that if they’ve got a wanting, willing, bought and paid for press that acquiesces just because, oh, anything but Donald Trump, keep the inflation, keep the gas and the groceries, keep our world standing and keep the lies going here, anything but Orange Man bad here and back to the point Michelle made famously, for years you have been ringing this bell here and the crackpot keyboard warriors that just don’t seem to understand here, you have a textbook example. The Democrat Party has boxed themselves into stupid with this DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion. They’re running away from it at universities. They’re running away from it at Tractor Supply. They’re running away from it all over the place, and now, right before your eyes, a DEI hire, everybody is worried that she might become president.”

Jansen noted, “She’s not just unpopular. She’s incompetent. That is the problem with her because you ignore merit and you put people in based on their identity, because there’s some kind of massive pendulum justice thing that you have to fulfill, and you don’t care what the practical results are. They can’t afford to put Miss Incompetence in there, because she will be an utter disaster in that position. She’s shown demonstrated zero even desire, apparently, to learn from her mistakes. She’s equally as bad now as she was three and a half years ago, the first time we heard her completely fall on her face when she was given any kind of assignment. It’s not just unpopular. She’s completely incompetent, and they know it. They cannot have this woman be the head of our country, because she will not succeed, and we cannot afford to have the rest of the country seeing what they just saw last week, with the revelation, supposedly, like we’ve not seen it, of this man also being incompetent.” 

Ryan added, “Remember this, guys, she is the southern border czar. So if you see what’s happening in your communities, and you see what’s happening on the southern border, that is her work. So you want more of that, there you go.”

Barkdoll said, “There’s a lot of speculation, what’s her off ramp? Well, what if Biden resigned in the fall and allowed her to be the president for three or four months? Is that a carrot they might offer her? What if a new candidate offered to give her the Secretary of State position? I’ve even heard speculation, what if a Supreme Court justice could be convinced to retire and appoint her to the Supreme Court? All this stuff is in that DC ecosystem that’s being kicked around whether any of it would happen, or whether she would agree to any of it is very much a big question, though.”

Jansen lamented, “Secretary of State? Supreme Court? Miss Ditz, who can’t do anything?” 

Ryan said, “Jansen’s head has popped off her torso. DEI on DE-splay.”