So many jobs; so few applicants

CHAMBERSBURG — Businesses around the county are feeling the pain — not from a lack of jobs, but from a lack of employees.

It’s not that there aren’t people who likely need jobs. It’s that they’re not actively seeking them. The jobs report that was recently released sings a very similar song nationwide.

It makes one wonder if part of the issue is the unemployment compensation.

Congressman John Joyce, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked about the jobs report on First News.

“They’re giving people money to stay home,” Jansen said. “They’re over-scaring them about COVID. Meanwhile we’re losing our production lines. This is causing shortages. This is causing inflation. It’s like everything they do is just compounding the problem.”

Joyce agreed, “The most recent jobs report was very disappointing. You know what, though? 

It wasn’t a surprise. Everywhere I go in Franklin County I see that people are looking for employees. With the expansions that are going on in Franklin County, we’re going to need workers. We can’t incentivize workers to stay at home. I’m hearing that small businesses are struggling. They’re struggling to find staff, to bring staff back to work because the Biden administration has plushed up people to stay at home. They added additional money to the unemployment. The democrats are behind this.”

It almost seems like sabotage.

“(Biden) is bringing us promises of higher taxes, he’s bringing us more regulation on local businesses,” Joyce said. “It’s time to get America back to work. Safely back to work. The dignity of work is a core tenet of our national fabric. It’s what we need to instill in not only the young people but in all Americans. With President Trump, I worked hard to advance a pro-growth agenda and it created American jobs for American workers. Our region in Franklin County is an incredible manufacturing region and we have a dedicated work force, but we cannot incentivize them to stay at home.”