So Cuomo resigns, but is hanging around for 14 days – WAIT until you hear the possibility of why

August 11 – Amid a sexual misconduct scandal that affected at least 11 women, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation yesterday.

If he did not resign, both Republican and Democrat members of the New York General Assembly said they were going to fast track impeachment proceedings.

Interestingly, though, even after the announcement of his resignation, some members of the Democratic controlled House Judiciary Committee in New York said impeachment may still happen.

There is some concern Cuomo might try to run for office again and if he’s impeached, that would prevent him from ever serving again.

It would also give the 11 women the chance to lay out their cases and provide even more detail as to the sexual misconduct.

Keep in mind, there are also still multiple pending criminal investigations against Cuomo. He hasn’t been charged yet, but they are pending.

In an even more fascinating facet of this whole mess, Cuomo said he would resign, but he would leave in 14 days. Why the wait?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll and Pat Ryan discussed the Cuomo debacle this morning during the Big Talk on First News.

Barkdoll said, “To me it was odd that he said I’m going to leave in 14 days. Normally when these people resign, it’s almost immediately or within a day or two. It occurs to me, could he be laying groundwork over the next two weeks to pardon himself? Listeners will remember this was a big debate with president Trump before he left office. There was a lot of speculation might he do a preemptive pardon? And there’s some debate on whether it’s even legal.”

In the Cuomo case, he would be facing state charges, so as the governor, he could in theory try to do a preemptive pardon.

Barkdoll wonders if that’s why he’s deferring for 14 days before he officially leaves.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will be the new governor of New York. She will be the first female governor in New York history. Hochul is a former Congresswoman from the Buffalo area with a lot of experience.  

Barkdoll said, apparently, she and Cuomo haven’t spoken since February. It sounds like they have a very cold relationship. She is not in the inner circle and has not been privy to much that’s been going on.

Ryan said, “I couldn’t stop laughing. You talk about a guy who is probably well-versed in self-inflicting a lot of different things in his world here, Andrew Cuomo. What do you think, Clint? I was in the camp with you, this guy has got to go. There’s too much mounting there. It’s New York. It’s dogpile on the rabbit right now, but now that argument (about pardoning himself), man, that one throws me right off the ledge.”

Barkdoll said, “I don’t think it should be legal and that was my position even when the Trump discussions came up. I realize that it’s a gray area. It would be what’s called judicially a Case of First Impression. Can a president or a governor pardon himself on the way out the door? I don’t think the framers both at the federal level, but even at state levels would have ever intended a situation where a governor or a president is almost like a king. That they are above the law. And there’s where I think the problem would be for him. But it’s out there and apparently it’s something that’s being discussed. Not certain if he would try to do it, but it’s being discussed as a way to short circuit this whole investigation. That would have to go into court. If he did that on the way out, a court would have to review it and they may very well say hey this is illegal. You can’t pardon yourself. These investigations will continue but I think part of the resignation strategically – and this may be the piece that we’re not hearing about – it’s possible that his attorneys had discussions with prosecutors, with others that are involved in this case even on the impeachment side and is it possible that there was somewhat of a deal here? Look, if you resign, we’re going to back off on these various other things. Again, that hasn’t been put out there but that would not surprise me if those kind of discussions were happening over the weekend.”

With top aide Melissa DeRosa’s resignation over the weekend, it was reported a lot of Cuomo’s inner circle were telling him it was time to resign.  

An impeachment trial would have been televised and incredibly embarrassing. He might have been brought in along with his close aides to testify.

Barkdoll pointed out, “By the way they’re saying Chris Cuomo, his CNN brother, was also pushing him to resign to save the embarrassment that this trial would have caused. I think in New York in some ways the General Assembly and the Judiciary Committee were very smart in the sense of the specter of this impeachment trial hanging over him really created the leverage to get him out because if he didn’t get out they were clear that they were moving forward with this thing in a few weeks. You put all that together, he really had no choice but to get out.”

Ryan said, “In New York, there’s a big difference – much like Pennsylvania, Philly and Pittsburgh don’t speak for the majority of the folks in the state (that’s just where the concentration is) – upstaters and the New York City style are completely different people. Although I am worried about this lieutenant governor. She’s a fan of, and I think champion, the Red Flag laws that they have in Maryland and I don’t know if she’s got it to the finish line in New York, I don’t think so, but it’s one that she likes. This is where you can call on your brother or your sister or a relative and go I’m a little worried about them you might want to take away the guns. That law resulted in a death in Maryland that didn’t have to happen.”

Barkdoll added, “This Kathy Hochul is interesting because when she ran for Congress, she was a Democrat that won a Republican seat. She was actually endorsed by the NRA. She calls herself an independent Democrat. She later lost that seat and has moved very much to the left then as lieutenant governor under Cuomo. It’s not clear how she will govern.”

Hochul is only serving through next year. It is an election next year. No announcement has been made if she’ll seek the seat next year, although a lot of people think she will.

Barkdoll said, “Upstate and Western New York are different worlds from the New York City area. Upstate is much more red, much more conservatives and even the Democrats in those upstate and western parts are much more conservative than the Democrats from New York City.”

Ryan said, “That arrogant snob that was Andrew Cuomo, wagging his finger and lecturing people. I want to get into Chuck Todd and some of his remarks yesterday that are just despicable when you think about the 11 women and then the 15,000 dead in nursing homes.”

Chuck Todd of Meet the Press suggested yesterday that Cuomo could make a political comeback.

Ryan continued, “I think this is a really good example of how out of touch and how much the media really doesn’t care about the issues here. Chuck Todd, if you really cared about the allegations of sexual assault, 11 women coming forward, then you wouldn’t say something as ridiculous and so stupid as that. Chuck Todd if you were worried about the 15,000+ deaths in nursing homes, you wouldn’t say something as ridiculous and stupid. Who cares about this guy’s political bank at this point? Get him out of there and I’d like my $5 million back on the book deal and I’d also like to know are you going to self-inflict when it comes to pardoning yourself. Chuck Todd is a great example in my opinion how out of touch the media and big tech really are with this monster in New York.”

Barkdoll said, “We’ve seen in New York over the years, think of Anthony Wiener, Carlos Danger, he tried a political comeback and you saw where that went. I think Cuomo is done. He’s in his 60s. His poll numbers have actually stayed somewhat decent, but he’s way under water and I just don’t think the voters of New York would have any appetite for him to return. Remember this Democratic General Assembly in New York, he’s lost 100 percent of their support. Politically he would just have nowhere to go. It remains to be seen what he’s going to do after he resigns, but he should just go into obscurity somewhere and hopefully the people of New York don’t have to do deal with him anymore.”