Snow protocol explained in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO—Borough of Waynesboro officials are ready to do their part during this week’s winter storm and residents are reminded to do their part to ensure the safety of the community, too.
The borough’s responsibilities

Waynesboro has a few state highways that converge in town and the borough’s maintenance department works with PennDOT to ensure all major roadways are maintained throughout the storm.

But borough employees are not permitted to plow the state highways, nor can PennDOT plows take care of borough streets.

That can cause frustration for residents, who just want their streets cleanecd.

“Winter storms provide many challenges to meet the expectations of residents,” said Borough Manager Jason Stains. “Borough officials know that our residents want a quick response to get the streets clear of snow and ice. Weather forecasts, time of day, traffic patterns, school delays and early dismissals, and staffing are all factored in when a storm hits.”

Stains said the borough’s maintenance department puts priority on the major arteries that feed the state roads like Third and Fifth streets, as well as the areas around the schools, such as Fairview Avenue and East Second Street, and areas where emergency vehicles will need to travel, including Enterprise Avenue or accident scenes.

“The focus then becomes all other streets and ending with alley ways,” Stains explained, adding it typically takes crews several hours to service all streets and alleys.

“Residents can assist our crews by remaining off of the roadway during winter storms,” he said. “Of course, we understand that everyone still needs to get to work or make appointments, but if you do not have to travel during a storm, we ask that you don’t.”

Residents’ responsibilities

Stains said there are simple things residents can do to help ensure snow is cleared as quickly as possible and that there are other things that must be done for the safety of the community.

“Residents can assist us by moving parked vehicles from the roadway,” Stains said. “Our drivers are skilled, however we don’t want to plow snow so that your vehicle is blocked in or so that salt and cinders get on your paint.”

He said if off-street parking is an option, now is the time to use it.

When it comes to shoveling or plowing, those who live inside the borough limits are required by ordinance to remove snow and ice from sidewalks on/adjacent to their properties of not less than 2/3 the width of the existing public sidewalk to permit reasonable and safe pedestrian traffic.

Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours after the storm stops.

Residents are reminded that it is a violation of borough ordinance to take the snow from your sidewalk or driveway and put it on the street and those who do so may be cited by the police department.

Those who don’t observe the ordinances are subject to a violation of up to $75.

Residents who have a fire hydrant nearby are asked to move snow three feet away from the hydrant.

Borough residents with questions or concerns about snow issues can contact the borough offices at 717-762-2101.

Stains also reminds the community to look after one another during these times.

“Check in on our at-risk residents who may need additional assistance during winter weather,” he said.