Signed then rescinded: PA Republicans ask AG to look at botched handling of Dem Rep’s arrest warrant prior to primary election

07 May 2024- Pennsylvania House Republicans Tuesday held a press conference to highlight a letter they sent to Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry calling on her office to investigate Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner on the handling of the arrest warrant issued for state Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Philadelphia) and any possible election law violations.

“The involvement by District Attorney Krasner and his office in the issuance and withdrawal of the arrest warrant issued for Rep. Boyle on the literal eve of a primary election in which he was a candidate for office raises serious questions,” said Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster). “Given the known partisan and unprofessional manner in which DA Krasner has run his office, a state investigation into how this highly publicized matter was handled is well in order.”

Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) noted the alleged conduct is part of a long history of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office not having respect for the law.

“This case is symptomatic of an office that has repeatedly exploited its power, not merely bending the rules but breaking them,” said White. “When a district attorney’s office can mislead a grand jury and deny a police officer his civil rights, as noted by Justice Kevin Dougherty, we must confront the reality that this is not about isolated incidents. It is about systemic failure.”

Representative Boyle has been fraught with controversy over the last few months, largely stemming but not only involving an incident caught on video in a Philadelphia-area bar. Boyle is seen on camera threatening employees of a bar, of which he has since been banned from, and threatening to use his political connections to shut down the establishment for good. It should be noted his brother is Congressman Brendan Boyle, also of the Philadelphia area.

The biggest issues, legally speaking, regard Boyle’s actions involving an alleged PFA. A Protection From Abuse order violation was said to have been carried out, but an arrest warrant was then rescinded by DA Krasner’s office.