Shouldn’t we expect to hear at least something from the people we elect to office?

March 23 – When most people hear Silent Bob, they’re reminded of the characters Jay and Silent Bob, from a host of movies beginning in the 90s, but we’re starting to wonder if it might not be a more fitting moniker for US Senator Bob Casey.

Because we sure haven’t heard, (at least here) a peep out of him about the crisis at the southern border, have we?

And it’s a crisis. In the month of March, we’ve had 15,000 unaccompanied minors cross the border to be housed in the U.S. Just in one month!

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen of the Big Talk on First News discussed the issue today.

“You’re not hearing a word out of Senator Casey and this is a matter of great importance to everyone,” Barkdoll said. “It will affect us locally if this problem doesn’t get contained.”

Hopefully the media will hold Casey’s feet to the fire on the border issue at some point. (Read that with the touch of sarcasm it requires.)

“He cannot pick and choose to address issues that he likes to talk about,” Barkdoll said. “He needs to get involved in all these things. He’s our Senator.”

Ryan added, “At what point to do we expect something out of this empty suit? I want him to say anything at this point. Everybody recognizes this is a mess on the southern border, with huge implications in this area and for the states and for the people coming across the border. Frankly he should be getting Joe Biden on speed dial and find the basement bat phone for that one.”

At this point, right or wrong answers don’t even play into this. Just say something.

“His absence of any position on this at all I think is very troubling as a citizen here,” Barkdoll said. “We elect these people to go to Washington to represent our interests and we want to hear from them. We don’t have to agree with what they’re saying, but at least tell us what you’re position is.”

“Bob Casey’s been a do-nothing for as long as I’ve been in this state,” Ryan said. “I’ve seen nothing out of him.”

Additionally an immigration bill recently passed by the House has some rather troubling details (where, as Barkdoll point out earlier, is where you can find the devil).

Jansen noted, “As long as you worked 180 days, you’re given special permission for a pathway to stay here and to citizenship later on. How’s that not going to entice more people to come from other countries, poorer countries, and pour over our borders? When you have a problem with that right now, should you be passing legislation that’s going to encourage more of that kind of thing?”

In terms of immigration, keep your eyes on DACA, the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival legislation.

Well over 10 million people have come to the US as children and have never been documented. It’s been years and they’re still undocumented.

“Does the Biden White House try to bootstrap a DACA piece of legislation into this southern border issue?” Barkdoll wondered.

The devil, most definitely in this administration, is in the details.