Shouldn’t America get to hear the taped interviews of President Biden with Special Counsel Robert Hur?

June 6 – When Special Counsel Robert Hur investigated President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents earlier this year, he came to the conclusion that no criminal charges were warranted against the president. 

But the interviews were recorded and Hur was quoted as saying that to a jury, Biden would appear “as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” 

Now the Department of Justice is claiming the tapes can’t be released to the American people because of Artificial Intelligence threats of faking Biden’s voice. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You’re not going to roll out the tapes. They’re hiding behind these tapes, and I don’t know why the world and why we are not screaming bloody murder about this one. I want to hear the president. If he’s too slow or too old to stand for his day in court and they’re running cover for that, play the tapes. Let the people hear Joe Biden. I mean we see it on the audio clips all the time. You already put the transcripts out. Let’s hear the tapes. Remember, it’s not about the men, it’s about the policies. Even if they do get rid of Biden, the policies live on with whatever placeholder they’re going to put here.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll explained, “These are hours and hours of tapes from the interviews between Hur and his team and Biden. Many of these were done at Biden’s house in Delaware. Some were done elsewhere. Remember when Hur issued that report to the Department of Justice which later got released to Congress, he ultimately decided not to press charges against Biden. But remember how critical he was in his report against Biden. It’s one thing to read the words on the transcript but people would like to hear the tapes. How was it that Hur reached those conclusions? Hur’s office attempted to release the tapes and Biden has exercised an executive privilege, saying that the tapes will not be made public and it’s another one of these issues, it may end up going to court, but it won’t be resolved until after the election. So the American voters aren’t going to hear these tapes before November.” 

“Atrocious,” Ryan insisted. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM add3ed, “Of course there’s things that they change the transcripts or they even tried to clean those up? Those rumors are out there. I don’t know maybe Hur would have commented on that, but I don’t know, it’s quite lengthy. But people who even read the entire thing said there’s a lot in there. If you read the entire thing you’d be quite disturbed and then of course hearing it then would give the additional context that I think we do deserve to understand and know.” 

Ryan said, “I’d love to read it and I’d love to read it out loud. Maybe I can put the stuttering and the stammering and the paths into oblivion that this resident has out here. I didn’t vote for the guy. My honest Democrats, you should also want to hear those tapes. Are you voting for this guy again? Wouldn’t you want to hear those tapes? Why isn’t there more of an outcry? Why can’t we move this quickly here? They had no problem suppressing laptops or they had no problem dialing back people’s social media, the president. We had no problem pushing down that narrative. We couldn’t hear from people back on the last go around here. This is important. This goes exactly to his ability to lead this country.”

Barkdoll said, “It’s very important and this discussion is also a good segue into this Wall Street Journal reporting today. There’s a 3,000-plus word report in today’s Journal. They had a team of reporters that has been spending months interviewing people that are in meetings with Joe Biden, going back to last fall until now. Forty-five people that they interviewed. Now all of them have remained anonymous, except for Kevin McCarthy. He’s on the record, but these are presumably Senators, Congressmen, key aides. The big takeaway from this reporting is that Joe Biden is demonstrating a slow but steady cognitive decline. McCarthy gives some very specific examples of like, there were times on the phone and in meetings, Biden seemed very sharp, but then the next day, he just seemed like he was completely out of it, confused, didn’t seem engaged in the meetings. There were many meetings with officials were Biden would just defer entirely to his staff. I think this is important reporting and tying this in with the tapes, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, we’re Americans. We all want the country to succeed. We need to be concerned if you’ve got a chief executive and someone that’s running for reelection, at least officially for now, that there’s more and more evidence that this guy has some problems. You just can’t imagine, how could he function? If you could read this Journal article today online, how could someone operating at this level function like that for another four years? I don’t see how it would be possible.”