Should girls who are really boys be allowed to participate in female sports?

June 18 – The Biden administration is going after states with laws that ban transgender girls from participating in female sports.

From Tom Graham on Fox News: “The Justice Department is challenging a West Virginia law that bans transgender girls, born as biological males, from competing in female sports. Several other states have similar bans. Supporters say trans females have an unfair advantage over biological girls and women. The DOJ counters the West Virginia law violates the equal protection clause in the 14th amendment. The Justice Department is using the same argument to challenge an Arkansas law that bans gender change treatment or surgery for minors.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed this issue this morning on First News.

Jansen said, “This is what worries me so much. They are ascribing to queer theory. That is a real thing. What people don’t seem to understand, this belief that someone identifying as the opposite sex means they are the opposite sex in every way, shape and form is kind of like believing in unicorns. It is. Because there are genetic biological differences between men and women and we’re just throwing that out the window and saying everyone has to accept this new belief system based on a bizarre, post-modernist objective truth. This is absurd.”

Ryan said, “It’s a whole bunch of men who are telling women you have to accept this. You as a woman, or a girl, sit down, shut up and you will conform…”

Barkdoll added, “It will be interesting to see what a court does with this. The West Virginia case, this is an 11 year old biological boy who has sued to be on the girls’ cross country team at a middle school. Other parents in that school district, including parents of the other girls on that cross country team are saying, ‘hey wait a minute, this is ridiculous. This is just someone saying I’m a boy and I want to be an athlete on the girl’s team and it’s really not fair to all of the other students in the school.’ I think those parents have an argument. I think the vast majority of the public agrees that this is not the sort of thing that should be happening. If this suit is successful, if these bans are overturned, you can just imagine all the wild scenarios going even into the high school or college level. You could have biological men competing on female say a division one sports team and that just skews the entire system. It seems to undermine the whole idea of athletics.”

Jansen said, “I’m sorry, having tolerance and helping someone through however they’re handling believing they’re the opposite sex is very different from then us all just pretending they are actually the opposite sex. That is two very distinctly different things and I see moves by the Biden administration to actually accuse people of hate crimes if you hold the belief that a biological boy is not a girl and a biological man is not a woman. In Arkansas that’s the one on the care, the medical care of youth. We’re pretending that an 8 year old can just suddenly say they’re the opposite sex and you’re not allowed to do anything but affirm that and move them towards transition and give them experimental hormones and maybe permanent surgery. This is appalling lack of medical care. This is medical malpractice and doctors are afraid to speak out against it because they’re afraid they’ll lose their licenses, afraid they’ll be accused of hate. This is completely wrong and it’s making people accept a belief system that is very unproven and obviously not true.”

Barkdoll said, “One of the arguments here is that if these individuals are allowed to participate in the opposite sex sports that it’s giving an incredible advantage to those people if they’re participating in female sports. The other argument that you’re seeing raised in the lawsuits are that study after study after study is showing that this is a very minuscule segment of the population and should this be one of these carve outs that say you can’t make accommodations that affect 99.9% of the other athletes to accommodate this very small segment of the population and I think those are two key points that you’re really going to see the federal court really focus on when this goes in for argument in a few weeks.”