Should an inmate on death row be provided gender affirming care?

June 22 — When a man was executed on Thursday in Florida for raping and murdering multiple women, the American Civil Liberties Union came out accusing the prison system of not providing gender affirming care. 

The prisoner, born a man, apparently identified as a woman, and was allegedly denied gender affirmation. 

Because of this, the ACLU claims that the man suffered for years while in prison. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “LGBTQ+ is a belief system. It’s not a community and this is very different from the pride arguments of times past when we just wanted equal legal rights for people who had different sexual attraction. The TQ+, so ill defined, no consistency in how we define these people. Then you have the ACLU coming out a few days ago with an idiotic tweet about a man on death row, who they wouldn’t allow to get gender affirming care. This is a man who murdered and then raped the dead body of a 14 year old, did the same thing with a 38 year old mother. But this person then more recently tried to claim he was gender affirming. He kept trying all kinds of mental health arguments to delay his execution. His, yes I’m going to keep saying his. This is a man. The ACLU actually came out and condemned Florida for not giving this man and making him suffer for the last 30 years that he didn’t get gender affirming care. This is outrageous. This is the stupidity of how we don’t have right definitions. They are putting violent criminals now into women’s prisons because they make these claims.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I wonder if this may go to court.”

A few years ago, Bradley Manning was in prison for all sorts of charges against the US government. He made a push for a sex change while he was in federal prison. It eventually went to court and he won. He is now Chelsea Manning. 

Barkdoll said, “Barack Obama later commuted her sentence but the ACLU, I think, is looking at that case. This is such a slippery slope because if the government is required to make these accommodations for inmates for prisoners, well, this could just be a never ending cascade of requests. Think of the cost of this too, for the government. That’s never part of what the ACLU is presenting, but this is a case people should keep an eye on, assuming that the ACLU goes to court over it.”