Shots Fired Investigation – Borough of Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG – A Chambersburg man is behind bars on $100,000 monetary bail after allegedly trying to rob the home of a group of people earlier today, 16 May 2022, that he had an argument with at a Chambersburg bar. Ronni Alfredo Perez-Matos is being held in Franklin County jail and is looking at felony charges of burglary and aggravated assault after allegedly firing between six and eight shots from his .40 caliber handgun while trying to rob a residence. 

According to court documents, a group of people went to Legendz Bar on Hollywell Avenue in Chambersburg. During their time there a confrontation between multiple people and Ronni Perez-Matos occurred, with Perez-Matos being removed from the bar by security. After leaving the bar, the original group of individuals walked back to their car to find multiple dents and damages that were not there previously. Following these revelations, the group went to one of the group members’ home on East Liberty Street. 

About an hour after the original group arrived at the E Liberty Street residence Perez-Matos and another man arrived as well and immediately confronted the occupants. Perez-Matos allegedly grabbed one man by the chest and struck him across the face with a black pistol. After doing this, Perez-Matos and the other man racked the slides on their pistols and entered the home. Perez-Matos then asked where one specific individual was but nobody told him. He then left the structure to look for the man. Shortly after the two left the home multiple shots rang out around the intersection of Harrison Ave and E Liberty Street, to which Chambersburg Police Department canvassed the area and found six .40 caliber shell casings. Police were able to apprehend Perez-Matos after he made contact with one of the other men while they were giving the police their report.

Perez-Matos is being held on $100,000 bail in Franklin County lockup for the two aforementioned charges. His preliminary hearing is set for May 24 with Magisterial Judge Jody Eyer.

Sources: Incident/Complaint Number: C2022-05820, Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000059-2022