Shippensburg man charged after telling police his car was stolen after he really crashed it

28 September 2023- In a case of ALMOST alleged insurance fraud, a Shippensburg man is now looking at charges of making false statements to officers following a crash earlier this week. Korey Austin Coover is charged with misdemeanor making false reports to an officer. He’s behind bars on $2,500 bail.

PSP Troopers were dispatched to a home on May Apple Drive in Southampton Township, Franklin County on September 27th for a reported vehicle theft. Police met with the caller, Korey Coover, who said that he was sleeping at his home the night before and put his keys next to his bedside before going to sleep. When he woke up, his keys and vehicle were gone and nobody else had permission to take the car.

Coover’s roommate was subsequently interviewed and a different set of events were displayed. This witness allegedly said that Coover was not at home on September 26th when he told officers that he was home. The witness allegedly continued, saying that Coover arrived back at home around 11am the day after but had left shortly after. Police say that the witness said he got a call from Coover with the latter admitting to crashing his car then fleeing the scene into a field. It was only later that Coover arrived home and reported his vehicle as stolen.

Police allegedly pushed Coover on his report, with the latter allegedly sticking to the story before he was finally arrested for false reports to law enforcement.

It was later that Coover allegedly admitted to police that he crashed his vehicle and fled into the neighboring field. Coover contacted a friend to pick him up after the crash and bring him home. Once home, Coover reportedly admitted to submitting a claim to his insurance company advising that his vehicle was stolen. Since he reportedly his vehicle as stolen to his insurance company, he had to contact PSP about an official report.

Korey Coover is behind bars on $2,500 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for October 10th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39302-CR-0000389-2023, Incident No.: PA 2023-1272362