Shippensburg man charged after allegedly calling 911 center hundreds of times to swear at operators, yell, and “just to talk”

07 March 2024- A series of misdemeanor charges have been levied against a Shippensburg man after he allegedly called the Cumberland County 911 Dispatch Center, PSP Carlisle, and a Crisis line hundreds of times in the last year. Steven K. Blake is charged with 24 total counts of communications with 911 and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct of obscene language. Those 25 total counts are across four different cases brought against Blake in the court of MDJ Bryan Ruth. A summons for Blake has been issued.

Troopers start the most recent charges against Blake on January 13th, 2024. PSP say that they were dispatched to Blake’s home on Britton Road just before 10pm for a 911 hang-up. While enroute, the Troopers learned that the caller, identified as Steven Blake, had since called dispatch another 8 times and was screaming and cursing at them.

Troopers had arrived at Blake’s apartment, with them allegedly confirming through Blake himself that he was screaming, yelling, and cursing at 911 and was having “ongoing mental health issues”. These issues, Blake reportedly said, was because “he didn’t like where he was living”, didn’t like his roommate, and was feeling depressed and lonely.

Blake, Troopers say, frequently calls 911, PSP Carlisle, and Crisis hotlines requesting to be transferred to any of the three areas and upon being transferred, has either hung up, screamed, cursed, or yelled at the dispatchers. Furthermore, Troopers say Blake has called those lines, not asked for help, screams and swears before hanging up. Sometimes, they say, he has requested EMS to help him then refuses to go with them when they show up.

Between August 1st, 2023 and February 10th, 2024, call logs show Blake called the 911 center 116 times and received 16 calls for service.

PSP was again dispatched to Blake’s home on February 25th just before 12:30am for a report that Steven Blake had called 911 over 20 times in the past hour “just to talk with someone and not having an emergency”. When Troopers showed up, Blake reportedly admitted to all this but when asked if he wanted to talk to the Troopers since they were physically there, he “related that he couldn’t talk about what he wanted to talk about” to them.

This all culminated on March 1st, when Blake reportedly called 911 around 9:30pm with no emergency and then another 11 times that night between then and 12:20am. During the calls, Blake reportedly shouted obscenities at the dispatchers. This allegedly continued even after Blake was warned about misuse of 911.

Just after 10:45pm on March 2nd, Troopers went to Blake’s home and tried to talk to him. When they arrived, however, Blake could allegedly be heard yelling and saying he was on the phone with 911 so he can’t come to the door. After Troopers told Blake through the door he could be charged with misuse of 911, they left but Blake still called 911 multiple times after they had cleared the scene.

Steven Blake’s picture can be seen above, as he is required to submit to monitoring due to being a sex offender in Pennsylvania. Blake was convicted of indecent assault in 2014. He is awaiting multiple court dates for the four cases against him.

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