Shippensburg man arrested, tries to disarm multiple Ship PD officers during arrest

10 January 2023- A Shippensburg man with an alleged history with the Shippensburg PD is behind bars again today after allegedly resisting arrest on lesser public drunkenness and trash spreading charges. Jonathan Lee Koser is charged with two counts of felony disarming a law enforcement officer, felony aggravated assault against a police officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, three counts of summary scattering rubbish, and summary public drunkenness. Koser is behind bars on $5,000 bail.

Shippensburg PD were dispatched to Roxbury Road on January 9th around 10pm for reports of a man in the middle of the road and throwing trash cans. Two Shippensburg PD officers responded and identified the man as Jonathan Koser after he allegedly continued walking and would not identify himself to police. Koser was allegedly extremely drunk and aggressive, with him admitting to overturning the trash cans and expressing suicidal thoughts.

Koser was then taken into custody but he allegedly flexed his arms to stop this. During this initial attempt at arrest, Koser allegedly grabbed Shippensburg PD Corporal Dunn’s Taser that was on his duty belt. Koser was then pushed against the police cruiser, where he again allegedly reached for an officer’s belt. This time he allegedly tried to unbuckle Officer Jared Kurtz’s magazine pouch. Koser was ultimately detained but did not enter the car willingly, allegedly trying to kick one of the officers in the crotch but hitting his thigh instead. During the drive to Cumberland County Booking, Koser allegedly intentionally started banging his head up against the partition cage in the car, allegedly causing lacerations to himself. Instead taken to CRMC Carlisle, Koser allegedly threatened the officers and the staff at the hospital by name.

Jonathan Koser is behind bars on $5,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for January 18th.

Source: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000010-2023, Incident Number: SP-2023-0222