Shippensburg man arrested for robbery in Pittsburgh, charged in Franklin Co. for threatening retired judge

20 June 2023- Charges from multiple jurisdictions are coming in for a Shippensburg man accused of crimes in both Franklin and Allegheny Counties. Alex Douglas Suttle is charged in Franklin County with misdemeanor terroristic threats. In Allegheny County, Suttle is charged with felony robbery and criminal attempt. Suttle is currently in custody in Allegheny County Prison but will be transported to Franklin County to be arraigned on his other charges. He failed to post bail in Allegheny County of $20,000.

On June 13th, Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputies and US Marshalls were sent to carry out a warrant on Alex Suttle at his home address on Meadow Drive in Southampton Township, Franklin County. Suttle was wanted in regards to charges stemming from an alleged robbery that took place on April 9th in the City of Pittsburgh.

When Marshalls and the Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, Suttle was allegedly taken into custody when called out from the bedroom without incident. Officers explained the warrant and he was taken to Franklin County Jail.

The problems allegedly arose during Suttle’s transportation to the jail, with him threatening Franklin County Courts and a retired judge. “F**k Franklin County Courts”, “F**k (retired judge) and her son”, and other comments were allegedly made by Suttle. He allegedly told officers he knew where the judge lived and that he would “f**k her and her son up”, including comments saying he knew the judge’s son and wanted to assault him at a party.

Because of the remarks in the car, Suttle was added to the Sheriff’s Office’s “Watch List” when he comes into a court related facility in the future so that employees could know who he was and contact relevant supervisors for safety purposes.

Alex Suttle is awaiting arraignment in Franklin County but has been arraigned in Pittsburgh. His preliminary hearing there is set for June 28th.

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