03 August 2022- A Shippensburg man already in jail for allegedly chasing down, threatening and assaulting his girlfriend is looking at new charges for allegedly intimidating her and other witnesses. Phenrick Douglass Gilliam III of Shippensburg was previously charged with three misdemeanors of simple assault, making terroristic threats, and fighting. Gilliam is now looking at charges of felony intimidating a witness and two counts of misdemeanor obstruction of law enforcement. Gilliam’s original monetary bail of $50,000 has been added onto by an additional $25,000.

Gilliam was arrested after a June 19 fight with his girlfriend, in which he allegedly tried to pull her into a car, threatened to shoot her and him, and chased her into multiple and around multiple residences on Franklin Street in Chambersburg. The chase ended up causing lacerations on the victim’s knee as well as abrasions to her neck and chest.

While in incarceration at Franklin County Corrections, Pennsylvania State Police were made aware of several phone calls made by Gilliam to the victim. The phone calls were logged in the jail phone system, allowing Trooper Travis Piper to listen to all of the calls Gilliam made to the victim since his incarceration.

According to Trooper Piper, Gilliam made multiple phone calls to the victim that threatened physical harm to her, to which she allegedly said he “doesn’t need to ‘keep threatening’ her that she is going to show up to court and do what she can to help Gilliam’s case”. Additionally, Gilliam allegedly called the victim and instructed her to “take care of the one witness in the case by going and telling them ‘you’re fine…your cool and you don’t need him to show up'”. Many of these conversations contained explicit words and threats to the victim as well as other witnesses. Gilliam allegedly made explicit threats to the victim that she should either not show up to the court date or to invoke her fifth amendment rights.

During a July phone call Gilliam told the victim “I didn’t threaten you though…I didn’t intimidate you though, remember? What I did was ask you to go to these people house, like um, knock on the door and stuff like that and ask them, well tell them that you’re good and don’t need them to come to court cause it’s just a misunderstanding. That’s not intimidating a witness'”.

Gilliam is still behind bars at Franklin County Jail. His bail was raised from $50,000 an additional $25,000. His formal arraignment for the original charges is set for August 31. Gilliam’s preliminary hearing for the new charges are set for August 9.

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