Ship University student allegedly assaults SUPD officers, has to be dragged, tased, and pepper sprayed on way out of dorm

14 February 2024- A reported tantrum following an investigation into a fight has led to a Shippensburg University student being charged with multiple felonies and being tased by SUPD. Caleb Matthew Hull is charged with felony aggravated assault of an officer, misdemeanor resisting arrest, citation disorderly conduct engaging in fighting, and citation harassment. Hull remains behind bars in Cumberland County Jail today on $10,000 bail.

Around midnight on February 12th, Shippensburg University PD officers were called to an active fight in one of the dormitories on the school’s campus. Upon arrival, SUPD officers spoke with two of the victims who reportedly told them that Caleb Hull had punched one of their friends following an incident in the dorms. Hull was allegedly not invited to be at their location and eventually punched one of the men there. This was likely due to a potential investigation into Hull prior to this interaction, according to one of the witnesses of the incident.

When SUPD officers went upstairs to find Hull, they were told of another incident where someone was yelling and slamming doors throughout the hall. Confirming these two incidents were an extension of each other, police eventually found Hull. However, Hull reportedly entered a room, closed the door, then locked it on police. After failing to come out in a timely manner, officers were able to key themselves into the room.

Entering the room slightly, officers found all the lights to be off. It was at this point, officers say, Hull lunged at the door and tried to slam it closed again. This trapped one of the officers in the doorway, striking him with the door and, according to police, trying to crush the officer.

Hull was then brought to the ground by the officers but continued to resist, with him allegedly screaming and verbally berating the officers. Tasers had to be deployed against Hull, with him falling back and eventually being handcuffed.

After cuffing, Hull reportedly refused to cooperate again and had to be carried and dragged from the 3rd floor of the building to awaiting police cruisers and a responding EMS. During all this, Hull was pepper sprayed by PSP and allegedly continued to not cooperate.

After treatment at Carlisle Hospital, Hull was discharged and released to the Cumberland County Jail.

Caleb Hull is behind bars on $10,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000056-2024, Incident No.: 2024-001493